Post Covid business operations

Workplace safety, productivity solutions

With over 5 years of building industrial Internet of things (IIOT)  solutions across 15 countries, we have put the best use of our technology offerings in order to help our customers cope with the changing times.

Adapting to the new normal is the need of the hour and we are pleased to announce that solutions to ensure our clients are able to seamlessly transition into this phase during these trying times. Our research & development team has come up with innovative modules and features that would ensure you cope with the post lockdown work environments.  Some key benefits of these innovative workforce safety monitoring solutions areas listed below:

  • Ensuring timely attention to repair and maintenance activities
  • Contact tracing provisions for easy identification of personnel
  • Helps adhere to government recommendations
  • Ease your accreditation inspection processes
  • Ensure physical distancing at worksites
  • Curb infection threats due to poor ventilation 
  • Improved worker safety and health
  • Tracking of group activities
Indoor ventilation impacts virus spreads

We have partnered with Omron to create wireless building management solutions, comprising of indoor ventilation, and body temperature monitoring solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain. The IAQ integrated solutions are cloud-ready, with an interactive dashboard that displays the real-time data generated by our Indoor air quality sensor module. WHO recommends monitoring of ‘Air Quality’ to curb the spread of the Corona Virus.

Our ventilation monitoring module is one such module that provides timely alerts to those concerned in case there is a surge in PM 2.5 particles within your work environments. Infection causing viruses piggyback on such particulate matter and enter into the host bodies making them fall to prey such grave diseases.

Covid19 ventilation monitoring protection, Indoor air quality monitoring solutions from Ripples IoT -

Attendance monitoring

Ensure the health and safety of your employees & visitors by introducing contact-less solutions for attendance monitoring. The solution makes use of economical passive RFID tags to record attendance. An added advantage to this module especially in these times is the thermal scanner feature. This allows you to automatically record your employee or visitor temperature and alerts those concerned in case of a deviation from expected values. If the body temperature is above the stipulated range, a red light will glow at once and an alert will be sent to the human resource & security departments for further action. This not only ensures a safer working environment but also aids in adhering to safety standards prevailing in the new normal.

Ripples IoT - Touchless workplace. Non contact attendance, body temperature monitoring

Indoor geolocation & physical distancing    

Social distancing in work environments has been identified as one such major requirement and our fully wireless  BLE indoor positioning sensors and IOT platform are now equipped with features that enforce physical distancing in workplaces. Physical distancing is maintained by regulating the number of people in various zones throughout the work environment.  This new function promises to help our clients easily adapt to the new normal, where social distancing will be mandatory to ensure worker safety and health.

Our solution helps in mitigating the threats of this pandemic through contact tracing. This function is enabled by analyzing the movement matrices of the factory workforce and by generating smart reports that can provide valuable insights into the same.

Ripples IoT - workplace physical distancing, industry, workforce safety, workflow monitoring, productivity solutions

Keep in mind that these features, which intend to restrict the spread of the on-going pandemic are additions to our existing indoor positioning platform and this platform by itself has been used incessantly to mitigate various business pain points in order reap various organizational benefits including improvement in productivity and cost reduction across multiple verticals.

Another advantage for our clients is our ability to seamlessly integrate with their existing ERP software and applications hence bidding adieu to the concerns that come with onboarding a new solution at your facility.

e-Commerce warehouse monitoring

By adopting an efficient eCommerce warehouse operations  businesses can enhance online trade with existing clients and can effectively reach out to acquire new customers. Legacy eCommerce platform models eat up huge commission margins and thereby cost to the consumer will increase. Contact us to know more about how our eCommerce solution set will help you ensure business continuity in the new normal. 

e-Commerce portal solution

Monitor your inventory, storage conditions, share information with potential partners,  reach out to existing or new customers. Schedule store pickup, or home delivery schedules, manage order processing, returns, cancellations easily. Classify warehouse inventory based on customer requirements, share information with production and dispatch departments. Ensure staff safety by enabling staff to continue work from home and have a minimal workforce for packing and dispatch. By adopting an efficient e-Commerce warehouse platform, businesses can enhance online trade with existing clients and can effectively reach out to acquire new customers. Read about benefits in supply chain industry

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