The best IoT starter kit for smart warehouse

Ready to deploy. No cabling. No electrical interferences. Massive scale

Inventory tracking in smart warehouse management made easy with IoT starter kit for Real Time Asset Tracking. Indoor positioning systems which is easy to deploy, require no cabling, has low infrastructure costs, and have a pay-as-you-go licensing model. Implementing asset tracking using IoT, Getting started with an indoor positioning for warehouse monitoring, and hospital asset tracking & production inventory tracking, asset management, to deliver operational business intelligence. Cloud enabled dashboard, data visualization software with alerts, notifications, and powerful reports to help you analyze the workflow through the inventory tags

Day 1 & 2 – Mapping

Physical measurement of the deployment area, mapping into virtual zones of 5 x 10 square meters. Brainstorm  the use case, whether it is a cold chain or inventory management using IoT in warehouse industry

Day 3 – Configure

Deploying anchors to mark the virtual zones, and configuring the gateway, unlocking the inventory tracking tags, powering them with batteries, enabling the frequency of data transmission for IoT in warehouse management

Day 4 – Testing

Walkthrough the virtually mapped regions, to ensure positioning accuracy, and manual testing of temperature & humidity values, movement of inventory, enabling intruder detection alerts for iot in factories.

Day 5  – Go live

Enable user logins, upload the map onto the IoT platform for shop floor visibility, writing business rules to provide alerts and notifications on zone changes, waiting times, high and low values. 

Warehouse inventory tracking tags for Real time Asset Tracking

Ripples iot in smart warehouse monitoring iot inventory tracking starter kitLet us look at any mid-size warehouse operations globally, and they want to implement solutions that can help reduce stock-take efforts and improve workforce productivity and lone worker safety. Locate warehouse inventory and assets for efficiency. Food cold chain traceability for reducing wastage, real-time inspections using IoT starter kit for Real Time Asset tracking with a wireless network.

Ripples IoT solutions for reducing the cost of warehouse inventory tracking with Realtime Asset Tracking System

Warehouse inventory tracking tags

Easy to implement solutions for tracking forklifts, asset inventory, and cold chain dashboards in warehouses. Deploy sensor tags on doors to detect intruders; divide the warehouse area into zones for improving supply chain visibility. Read about IoT solution pricing, how NUS evaluated our solution for smart warehouse monitoring best practices.

Asset tracking IoT starter kit for Real Time Asset Tracking use cases for just-in-time inventory management, sharing economy production models, ensuring timely completion of different stages in production, tracking worker safety & ensuring timely inspections play a major role in shaping the future of new generation smart factories.

RipplesIPS indoor positioning platform, Real Time Asset Tracking for smart factories

Production workflow tracking

Measure the time it takes for the movement of production inventory from one stage to the other; hence providing visibility for shipment of spares, logistics, and analyzing bottlenecks in the system. Schlumberger, Henkel, and ZF are some of our clients who have deployed the Real Time Asset Tracking for production tracking

IoT in smart warehouse management

IoT kit for asset tracking – Quickly track with accuracy, the indoor position of inventory. Monitor movement of pallets, forklifts, bins, trolleys, and space utilization in racks. lone worker safety, intruder detection, zone mapping & inventory theft protection. Indoor Inventory management in healthcare & smart warehouse management.

Workplace Safety and Productivity

IoT kit for health monitoring – In a post-pandemic world, safe distancing technology plays an important role in the well-being of workers. The IoT sensor kits for asset inventory tracking are easy-to-deploy solutions for forklift tracking, enhancing your institution’s trust and confidence. 

IoT in factories 

IoT kit for industrial automation – Production workflow, tracking of repair and maintenance, ensuring that equipment is running without anomalies. Vaccines and food cold chain traceability to ensure goods are transported at the optimal temperature in optimal storage and last-mile delivery using indoor positioning beacons.

IoT in healthcare

IoT kit for asset tracking – Hospital management needs to ensure continued operations and surgical equipment. The indoor GPS & IoT starter kit will help you with patient tracking for measurement of patient workflow, and patient waiting times being wearable tags. Implant for hospital asset tracking to reduce abuse and theft of high-value medical equipment

API integration

Would you like to connect data from our platform for integration with an ERP like Sage or Netra ? so that seamless information flow can trigger alerts on stock arrival, moment of oxygen pumps etc.

Positioning analytics

Operational data generated by our system can bring deep insights into the workflow, traffic, and patterns, to help improve internal efficiencies. Our Indoor positioning analytics module is versatile in this aspect.

Cold chain

Deploy the mesh-enabled solution for monitoring cold chain traceability in food supply chain warehouses to ensure timely alerts when the temperature rises beyond stipulated levels in designated zones.

Data visualization 

Enhance indoor positioning floor map data with data visualization dashboard software capabilities, for the operations team to take timely decisions on shop floor activities based on real-time data from sensor devices.

RipplesIPS - smart warehouse management IoT solutions

Ready to deploy Indoor GPS & IoT sensor kits

Our IoT starter kit for Real Time Asset Tracking, comprising indoor positioning devices for measuring inventory waiting times, workflow management,  maintenance tracking, cold chain monitoring, warehouse asset inventory tracking, and cloud-ready software with prebuilt templates, which is an ideal solution to enhance customer experience, reduce accidents, track lone workers, alerts and notifications on intruder detection. IoT starter kit for smart warehouse management & supply chain logistics.

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