How to deploy Cold chain traceability EN 12830 sensors

Cold chain traceability – temperature & humidity alerts

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Achieving reliable cold chain traceability for logistics visibility and traceability with cold chain sensors, and IoT dashboard software for EN 12830 – Our client is a leading manufacturer of dairy products, with a distributor base spread across Europe, having their own mini trucks and vans for last-mile delivery.  Due to the nature of the goods transported, there is a need to constantly monitor the temperature of ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products transported by road. Due to the nonavailability of distributed remote monitoring solutions, business customers constantly complain about the poor quality of goods being invoiced and shipped, which reduced the shelf life, added paperwork on return on goods, filed claims, and the cumbersome paper works. A GSM-based cold chain traceability solution, with Bluetooth sensors integrated with Teltonika technology and an interactive RTLS dashboard with map location, was the solution.

Many dealers and retailers complain that products received were rotten, unsafe etc and the organization ends up reimbursing the money to them as they have no means to verify this claim. The impact is significant. 

  • 30 minute update on the location of the delivery vans with data loggers
  • 30 minute temperature updates through alerts and notifications
  • Poof of delivery for the dispatch team and customer confirmation on quality
  • Reduced return of goods, avoiding wastage, additional transportation costs
  • Reduced administrative work related to invoicing, returns, and claims settlement.
  • Track and trace supply chain, food cold chain traceability from start to finish
  • Automatic recording of check-in, and check-out time from warehouse to retailers
  • Africa specific export goods require EN 12830 standards and compliances.

Cold chain sensors & Teltonika dashboard

Food cold chain traceability and transparency – Our temperature humidity dashboard, Bluetooth integrated software for cold chain traceability can be deployed on Edge gateway devices for warehouses and supply chain providers to have immediate information on the updates from the integrated GPS devices that measure critical inputs from the trucks on the field. Perfect monitoring solution for wide use in cold chain logistics, freezers, refrigerators, and other temperature-sensitive cases

Looking beyond the condition monitoring sensors, Teltonika RTLS dashboard, and data tracker software? Well, we can push the data onto your manufacturing suite such as Kepware, or to your corporate cloud storage for predictive analytics with our it data dashboard and warehouse monitoring

EN 12830 standard is required for monitoring temperatures in the means of transport logistics, warehousing, and supply chain of quick-frozen foods intended for human consumption, to ensure that temperature traceability is recorded correctly. According to the EU regulation from 1 January 2006, all measuring instruments used for the purpose of monitoring the cold chain shall comply with EN 12830. Food operators shall keep all relevant documents permitting verification that the instruments referred to above conform to the relevant EN standard. Coldchain during the covid pandemic was not an easy time for logistics companies.

Teltonika cold chain sensors, food traceability IOT dashboard solutions

Bluetooth temperature sensors

Not all industrial equipment has a Teltonika based Cold chain traceability dashboard with data visualization capabilities, We have the competency to integrate data from RS-485 compatible temperature humidity sensors, Teltonika FMB series for cold chain monitoring and other industrial devices to show the visualized data on dashboard, the data stored on the Edge gateway device. The connectivity can either be using WiFi or 2G / 4G connectivity.

Cold chain logistics traceability & transparency

Bring intelligence to your warehousing and food supply chain operations. Save on spoilage and wastage of perishable goods being stored and transported in trucks and containers. Measure tilt, fuel consumption, temperature, humidity, and other parameters while monitoring vaccines, marine and other sensitive cargo using our remote monitoring dashboard for teltonika. Know about warehouse monitoring pricing

EN 12830 Cold chain solutions dashboard software India

RTLS dashboard for cold chain sensors

Call us to know more about our cloud-ready / edge solutions for cold chain logistics using the Teltonika IoT dashboard, data visualization, and notification tracker software.

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