Best IoT tracking devices for supply chain visibility

Best tracking devices for supply chain visibility

IOT tracking  devices for supply chain visibility

Cargo tracking devices, systems, for Cold chain en12830 is an industry-grade sensor module that provides a wide range of connectivity solutions – from Wifi to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), LTE, M1 / NB1, and traditional 2G /4G SIM cards. Our team had successfully delivered warehouse cargo tracking devices, supply chain visibility and dashboard solutions around Cellular IOT kits capable of SIM card transmission, which provides global connectivity, and monitoring using cloud-ready IOT sensor data visualization tools.

Our IOT-enabled cargo tracking systems & devices are battery-powered, with the choice of adding solar panels, costs are lower when compared to proprietary and close-ended sensors, work on reliable networks and ensure quick and reliable message delivery. Meet us to know about our solutions for inventory asset tracking, fleet monitoring, equipment condition monitoring, indoor farm monitoring, cold chain, and vaccination supplies tracking.

IoT tracking devices in supply chain visibility

Where there are needs for connecting multiple transmission technologies in an integrated environment such as manufacturing or warehousing and distribution, we are able to provide software bridging solutions – to seamlessly enable BLE, RFID, and other wireless sensors to talk to each other or collate data and provide actionable insights using cellular tracking for decision making using cold chain traceability

Our IOT data visualization tools for cargo tracking systems can be integrated with existing logistics software solutions and we work with consulting companies and agencies worldwide to enable seamless connectivity between the two solutions to provide innovative business problem-solving techniques that enable improvement in productivity, reduced manpower, and improved customer services, transparency, and communication

Call or meet us at many of the Industrial Expos to know more about our Bluetooth-enabled cargo tracking devices, and dashboard solutions for Logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing industries.