Which infrastructure for the Best Warehouse Monitoring Systems

Improve inventory management

IoT based warehouse monitoring systems with warehouse inventory tracking tags which makes the process of stock take automatic, high in accuracy, reduced manual work.. Our warehouse inventory tracking solutions would ensure seamless stock take, inventory cycle count, audits, location tracking, , hence can be deployed in under 7 days. Bluetooth inventory tags that reports inventory status once a day.

Lowest deployment costs and maintenance

Integrated dashboard software & warehouse inventory monitoring & inventory tracking tags allow fast and easy deployment, reduced cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance costs for large scale deployment spanning 500,000 sq feet, holding 5000 plus inventory items.

Warehouse monitoring for Automatic inventory Stock take & cycle counting

Ripples IOT - Warehouse monitoring systems, inventory tracking tags, automatic stock takeThe most basic  warehouse inventory monitoring, as tags usually contain an inventory number, barcode, and the name of the company that is managing the inventory tagging format. In some cases, they may contain additional identifiers such as product name or a “do not remove” statement. By standardizing its inventory labeling with a tag, a warehousing company can ensure uniformity across its organization and more efficient monitoring, warehouse cold chain traceability, and how to label inventory items, stocking, and shipments for the warehouse management system.

Pick to light, improve efficiency in warehouse management system

Assign prefabricated asset inventory, Inventory tracking tags, and track the arrival at the warehouse address or manufacturing plant. Helps track the movement of high-value finished goods within shop floors and storage zones. Asset transfer tracking, meaning ‘Check-ins’ and ‘Check-outs’ of the warehouse inventory list and workforce in warehouse management system. The solution also provides group inventory tracking in a shop floor environment. The exact location of workers per zone area and automatic counting of entrances and exits. Automatic detection, localization, and stop of any unauthorized exit. Worker safety monitoring is enabled using Bluetooth tags in helmets to ensure safe distancing using a warehouse employee tracking system.

With the help of data loggers and wireless sensors, the operational efficiency of warehouse monitoring systems and operations and storage facilities in warehouse management can be improved, and temperature and humidity in warehouse monitoring can be implemented with remote monitoring systems in real-time. Investing in a good inventory management system that can help you track and manage inventory in real-time, without the need for physical stock take. Automated systems help reduce human error and provide accurate information quickly. We deploy an IoT integrated Inventory management software

Bluetooth Low Energy inventory tags

Implement inventory tags: Implementing Bluetooth Low Energy inventory tags helps improve the accuracy and speed of data capture, and reduces the risk of data errors.

Automatic inventory cycle counting can help you identify any discrepancies between your inventory records and physical inventory. This allows you to quickly rectify any issues before they become bigger problems. Organize your warehouse in a logical manner so that you can easily locate items when needed. This helps reduce time spent searching for items and reduces the risk of misplacing items. Read about smart warehouse design aspects.

Making sure your staff is properly trained on how to use the inventory management system and understand the importance of accurate inventory tracking, pick to light, and navigation systems can help improve productivity in warehouses.

  • Availability of specific equipment – were being used or idle
  • Location of portable assets such as tools, spares 
  • Preventive maintenance of power generator sets
  • Track forklift usage time, areas visited, collusions during shifts, no go zones
  • Seamless check-in and check-out time of employees and contractors using warehouse IOT starter kit.
  • Intruder entry through during off office hours
  • Tracking worker count at warehouse premises
  • Inputs for third party facility management and maintenance teams
  • Custom sensor integration for moisture control
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring system for the warehouse 
  • Implement IoT in logistics management to reduce theft

Ripples IOT warehouse monitoring solutions Singapore

Best warehouse monitoring systems

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