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Worker tracking solutions

Need for digital twin in warehouse employee tracking and hospital staff tracking, factory lone worker tracking – Let us face the facts of the new normal. Logistics, warehousing, manufacturing & construction industries worldwide will research new ways to improve employee productivity, lone worker safety & customer experience, at the same time looks at ways to optimize resources to offset the cost of compliance.

Employee tracking in warehouses, hospital staff tracking

Ensuring the safety and productivity of the maintenance team in shipyards. warehouses, hospitals, factories & construction sites using employee tracking tags. Deploy safe distancing beacons to increase the compliance of production floor employees. With the help of our group tracking system, factories can assess the most productive teams that bring results. The Bluetooth tags can be assigned to nurses, wheelchair attendants, production supervisors, engineers, inspectors, maintenance team members, etc, cross analyze department and time-of-the-day movement of workers and assets within virtual zones for industry best practices. The best employee monitoring software with indoor positioning technology.

Ripples IoT hospital staff tracking solutions

Warehouse employee tracking

Workforce group tracking solutions can enhance employee productivity in the construction industry where 1000’s people are involved in daily activities,  whether catering to a service or factory flor production environment. Group knowledge tracking solutions help industries create digital twin – whereby all activities in operations regarding the movement of the workforce – technician, contractor & supervisor,  inventory pallets, bins, trolleys, and production equipment are mirrored in our Industrial safety monitoring solution to map employee tracking for productivity and safety.

How to deploy employee tracking in warehouses & factories

With the help of the employee tracking, and productivity monitoring system, different permutation combinations can be arrived at, to derive measurement matrices for the shop floor. Understand the workflow choke points, the output during different times of the day, peak hours, production schedules, Activity Based Costing, etc. Online worker productivity tracking system helps ascertain the frequently visited asset by the technician, groups of people moving together, repair & maintenance trends, safety violations, contact tracing for industries such as warehousing, logistics, construction & manufacturing.

Hospital staff tracking

No questions need to be asked when it comes to patient safety and experience management in hospitals, especially related to emergency care – surgical units, casualty, etc. Were the need to have a need to monitor the availability of life-saving resources. From doctors, nurses, technicians, and equipment like wheelchairs, stretchers, surgical supplies, etc. A  patient tracking system for hospitals would certainly save lives.

Ripples IoT platform for warehouse employee tracking, hospital staff tracking

Ripples IoT - Lone worker tracking in construction, mining, factories

Warehouse Employee tracking for safety and productivity

Contract labor forms a chunk of the workforce in many construction and production floor scenarios. They need to be effectively monitored and tracked for safety and security. Our employee tracking software and devices can be embedded inside safety helmets, visitors tag, equipment to ascertain the location and movement of a specialized workforce, visitors, and rental equipment within zones.

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