Improve productivity, safety & compliance

IOT solutions in warehouses, factory floor tracking

Improve inventory management, increase shop floor productivity, enhance workplace safety, ensure timely inspections & repair. Indoor positioning solutions, construction site worker tracking, inventory & workflow. Hospital asset tracking solutions, construction worker safety, logistics tracking system, IOT platform solutions & warehouse inventory tags.

Internet of things use cases

IOT solutions in warehouses. Factory floor tracking. Hospital asset tracking use cases. Internet of things success stories. Indoor positioning, IOT platform solutions for small business owners
IOT starter kit solutions & use cases
Construction site worker safety & compliance
Warehouse inventory tags
Hospital asset & patient tracking
Asset tracking solutions for hospitals, construction site safety & IOT in warehouses.

Our Indoor positioning based IOT starter kits are the perfect solution for construction sites to improve productivity & improve worker safety. Inventory tags, asset tracking solutions  – From prefabricated goods to equipment. Group and track people on the basis of scheduled activities.

Deploy IOT starter kit. Reduce patient wait time, improving workflow, ensuring timely preventive maintenance & repairs, higher staff productivity, enforcing safety norms, and adhering to healthcare compliances go a long way in building the competitive advantage of hospitals.

The emergence of logistics 4.0 and smart warehouses have made it a necessity for logistics tracking, warehouse management to adopt modern practices to optimize space utilization, inventory management & monitoring functions to provide value add services. Deploy our IOT starter it today

Asset tracking use cases, factory floor tracking, indoor positioning solutions

Indoor positioning sensors, inventory tags, hospital asset tracking solutions for small business operations. Factory floor monitoring software integrated on infrastructure developed using Wirepas Mesh technology, the simplest to install and the most competitive on the market, with the lowest cost of deployment / square meter. Redundant mesh network. Massive IOT capability with industry standards.