Shop floor safety & productivity

Improve inventory management, increase shop floor productivity, enhance workplace safety, ensure timely inspections & repair. Indoor location tracking & monitoring for workflow, workforce, assets & inventory. Solutions for hospitals, construction sites, factories, logistics yards and warehouses.

"All in a box" indoor positioning system, comprising of indoor tracking platform, mesh beacons, environment sensors, ready to deploy templates, implementation and support.

Workflow - Inventory - Workforce - Equipment

Improve productivity, safety & compliance
Time spent - movement - no go zones
Track anything on the factory shop floor
Monitor shock, IAQ, light, power & temperature
  • Shop floor maps can be uploaded into the system
  • Improve utilization of space & equipment
  • No messy cabling required for the installation
  • Deploy our solution in under 24 hours.
  • Define virtual zones with 2.5 meter accuracy
  • API for third party software rr
  • Dashboard for production, inventory & workforce
  • Interactive maps to locate objects
  • Timestamped history of locations visited
  • Historical data slice and dice analytics
  • Wireless indoor location tracking solutions
  • Classify indoor tracking objects based on criteria

Our Indoor positioning system is the perfect solution for the construction industry to improve productivity & improve worker safety. Track assets across the shop floor – From prefabricated goods to equipment. Group and track people on the basis of scheduled activities.

Monitoring workflow, workforce productivity, ensuring teamwork, enforcing physical distancing, Improving factory productivity, enhancing knowledge management.  Digital twin solutions for the new normal in shop floor activities.

The emergence of logistics 4.0 and smart warehouses have made it a necessity for eCommerce logistics management firms to adopt modern practices to optimize warehouse utilization & monitoring functions to provide value add services for supply chain visibility.

Indoor location tracking & workflow monitoring solutions integrated on infrastructure developed using Wirepas Mesh, the simplest to install and the most competitive on the market.

  • Anti-theft detection
  • Intruder detection & door opening
  • Detect overheating of equipment circuits
  • Worker safety in construction site
  • Inspection management
  • Cold chain sensors for monitoring
  • Equipment usage monitoring
  • Indoor location of objects on the shop floor
  • Workflow performance matrices
  • Hazardous zone alert
  • Rule engine for exceptions
  • Interface with eCommerce warehouse
Shop floor workflow monitoring solutions

  • Inspection compliance schedules
  • Factory shop floor productivity
  • Work order file tracking
  • Worker attendance monitoring
  • Visitor no go zones