Indoor positioning software

Industrial IoT solutions with the lowest maintenance & deployment cost per square meter. Indoor positioning infrastructure enabled asset management, facilities management and smart inventory management. Explore new technologies to improve operational efficiency & enhance customer experience. Analyse equipment downtime, monitor workflows, ensure timely preventive maintenance, and reduce the cost of repairs. Ensure the safety of lone workers. Measure patient wait times in outpatient clinics. Real Time Asset tracking, inventory tracking & lone worker tracking using electrical interference-free Bluetooth Low Energy mesh infrastructure and beacons with the lowest infrastructure & deployment costs.

Real Time Asset Tracking

Ripples IoT indoor positioning enabled facilities management system, preventive maintenance tracking, asset tracking, asset management
Ready to deploy, massive IoT solutions, Indoor positioning systems for asset management. Workflow monitoring, asset tracking, worker tracking, facilities management. Improve asset utilisation, production efficiency, lone worker safety, crowd management, reducing waiting times, monitoring critical processes, ensuring timely repair and maintenance in high value asset management
Ripples IoT solutions for reducing the cost of warehouse inventory tracking with Realtime Asset Tracking System
Warehouse Inventory Tracking Solutions include, warehouse monitoring, pallet tracking, operations management with indoor location tracking.  Bluetooth Low Energy beacons provide real time Indoor GPS location. Deploy Inventory management solutions in less than a week. Reduce the need for dedicated personnel. Improve inventory accuracy up to 99%, automatic cycle counting.

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Webinar on Indoor Positioning Systems

Ripples IoT warehouse inventory management, inventory tagsLearn from our experts on how RipplesIPS can improve operational efficiency on the shop floor. using Real Time Asset Tracking.

Low cost indoor positioning software

RipplesIPS is an Indoor positioning software for Real Time Asset Tracking, data visualization tools, alerts, notifications & data analytics, built to provide opportunities for leveraging powerful indoor tracking without high infrastructure costs. 

Measuring patient wait times

Warehouse monitoring

Smart inventory management
Real Time Asset inventory tracking

Indoor positioning analytics

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