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Quick Return on Investment

Real-time location and machine breakdown tracking with low setup costs and an easy wireless, battery-powered hardware setup.

1 Wire

Effortless Installation

Transfer Real-time location system data via resilient and self healing technology and eliminate time-intensive anchor cabling.


Square Feet Covered in a Day

Designed as plug-and-play, a resilient mesh network system can be installed within minutes, covering large facilities and thousands of asset tags

Machine breakdown tracking

Ripples IoT Digital twin in manufacturing

Easy to deploy and maintain, massive Real-time location system (RTLS)  for asset-management. Machine breakdown tracking, asset tracking, worker tracking, and preventive maintenance management. Improve asset utilization, enhance production efficiency, and lone worker safety, reduce waiting times, monitor critical processes, and ensure timely repair and maintenance of critical equipment.

RipplesIPS - Real time location system inventory tracking in warehouse management system

Deploy Inventory management solutions in less than a week to reduce the need for dedicated personnel. Improve inventory stock take accuracy up to 99%, automatic cycle counting, and implement FiFo. Real-time inventory tracker includes remote monitoring and operations management with indoor location information. Bluetooth low-energy beacons provide real-time Indoor GPS location. 

A resilient and flexible indoor positioning system that can track the movement of people, equipment, and inventory on the production shop floor

We have automated CMMS software with panic buttons and buzzers to ensure timely attention to machine breakdowns in production.

Tracking the time taken for the abnormality manager to attend to tasks, ensure availability of maintenance team on the shop floor.

Compute the Mean time between Failures (MTBF) and the Mean time between repairs (MTBR) to enhance the productivity in the plant.

Integration of ePaper with RTLS helps to reduce paperwork, improved sharing of work in progress and workflow triggers

RipplesCMMS software automatically records work orders from the shop floor and schedules preventive and corrective maintenance.

Real-time tracking of production inventory bins and pallets to implement just in time inventory and FiFo models

Worker tracking for safety, compliance and productivity, group tracking to monitor specific workflows and maintenance tasks.

Machine breakdown tracking RTLS

RipplesIPS is an integrated Real-Time Location System for Indoor Asset tracking and real-time asset tracking,  data visualization tools, alerts, notifications & data analytic tools, built to provide opportunities for leveraging the power of RTLS.

Reducing time taken for repairs

Realtime Time Location System

Pallet and bin inventory tracking
Lone worker safety

Machine breakdown tracking simplified

Easy to implement Industry 4.0 solutions in smart manufacturing, Tightly integrated CMMS with RTLS software

Real-time inventory tracking and grouping of bins to ensure streamlined production planning process, with alerts and notifications

A resilient mesh network as the backbone which can be extended indoors and outdoors for up to 500 acres without the need for any wiring

Integration with Inventree software, and API to connect with existing ERP solutions, kiosks and public display systems