The best connected worker solution with RTLS

IOT connected worker platform, workforce. construction, mining industries.

The best connected worker solutions : 

Ready to deploy connected worker platform solution for group activity monitoring, staff tracking, and safety compliance in shipping, construction, mining, and manufacturing industries. The new world normal brings many challenges and changes in monitoring workplace and workforce safety, measuring hygiene, productivity & compliance in industries such as healthcare & pharmaceuticals. 

Worker safety

Advance warnings and alerts enable immediate detection and response to emergency situations, thereby improving safety, especially for lone/remote. Workers and reducing insurance claims. Buzzer-enabled tags can help alert biomedical engineers and maintenance staff

Worker productivity

Reduce absenteeism, and motivate the workforce due to improved working standards and safety. Compliances such as WSH in the construction industry can be maintained using these solutions using connected worker technology 


Emergency response

Full situational awareness, automatic headcount, and better monitoring of developing safety conditions enabling site-wide evacuation. Our pick-to-light and buzzer-enabled tags can help achieve these results in the healthcare industry


Complete digital reports for better compliance on workplace safety, contact tracing, security, and wellbeing, and reduced fines and litigation in construction and mining industries.

The best connected worker solutions are pivotal to business strategies

  • Collaboration and effective project management
  • Improving manufacturing productivity as well as operational efficiency
  • Boost workforce morale & safety
  • Enhancing safety and risk management
  • Panic button for worker safery

Connected worker platform can act as an enabler and disruptor touching all aspects of enterprises including the connected workforce in the construction industry, factories, and warehouses.

Connected workforce & on-job wellness

  • Body skin temperature – Efficiency monitoring and improvement
  • Fatigue, Panic indicators – Fatigue management
  • Preventive Health Analysis – On-time medical interventions

Safety solutions can help with the following

  • Prevent unauthorized access using connected workforce solutions
  • Collect real-time work assignments and measurement
  • Worker rating and work allocation
  • Vendor & contractor cost management
  • E-paper for directions in an industry 4.0 environment.
  • Factory Abnormality manager can have their locations tracked

Long-term benefits to the environment, health, and safety management

Ripples IOT Lone connected worker solutions for safety, productivity

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Mr Srihari Acharya is head of Ripples IoT pte Ltd, RTLS solution sales in Bengaluru India. He brings over 6 years of experience and expertise in industrial automation solutions