Indoor positioning systems

Deploy in 7 days. No cabling is needed. No electrical interferences

Locate, track. measure, monitor & analyse shop floor activities.

IOT in construction site, factory floor tracking indoor positioning solutions

Lone worker safety

Our Indoor positioning systems are the perfect fit for construction sites to improve productivity & improve worker safety. Inventory tags, asset tracking solutions  – From prefabricated goods to equipment. Group and track people on the basis of scheduled activities.

Asset tracking in hospitals

Deploy hospital Indoor positioning systems to measure and reduce patient wait times, improving workflow, ensuring timely preventive maintenance & repairs, higher staff productivity, enforcing safety norms, and adhering to healthcare compliances go a long way in patient experience matrices.

IOT platform indoor positioning systems - digital twin in warehouse

Warehouse asset inventory

Deploy warehouse monitoring solutions in less than a week.  Logistics 4.0 and smart warehouses have made it a necessity for logistics tracking, and warehouse monitoring to adopt modern practices.  optimize space utilization, and asset inventory management functions to provide value add services. 

Indoor positioning systems

What is indoor positioning system used for? A business intelligence tool to help improve production inventory management, increase factory floor productivity, enhance workplace safety, and ensure timely inspections and preventive maintenance using IoT Platform as a service. Construction site worker safety tracking, smart manufacturing tracking, warehouse management inventory tracker.  Ideal for tracking high-value inventory & spares in aviation, electronics, oil, and gas industries.

RipplesIPS is a an IOT platform with data visualization tools, alerts, notifications & data analytics, built to provide opportunities for leveraging powerful indoor tracking without any infrastructure costs. Our simple architecture & standard interfaces based on HTTP and MQTT can be quickly integrated into vertical applications, specialized in warehouse monitoring, inventory management & logistics, production control, healthcare workflows, construction site safety, and workflow management with indoor positioning sensors.

0 Electrical interference. Deploy in large areas

IOT starter kit with sensor data visualisation tools

Wireless mesh deployment. Low cost of ownership
IOT platform for Indoor positioning technologies

indoor positioning systems for business intelligence

An indoor positioning system with decentralized network topology enables extremely dense network deployment.

  • Floor maps can be uploaded into the system
  • Create virtual zones for your shop floor
  • Easy installation, low maintenance
  • Ready to deploy indoor positioning solution
  • Indoor asset inventory tracking tags

Our experts will help you learn how to build indoor positioning system with data visualisation and notification. Indoor positioning solutions, workflow management, inventory tracker, and hospital asset tracking solutions for improved business operations.  Factory floor monitoring software integrated on infrastructure developed using Wirepas Mesh. 

The simplest to install and the most competitive on the market, with the lowest cost of deployment / square meter. Redundant mesh network. Massive IOT capability with industry standards from indoor positioning solution companies leveraging powerful indoor tracking tools.

  • Factory preventive maintenance tracking
  • Ensuring Keyman safety in factories
  • Integrate with RFID solutions, inventory tags
  • Remote monitoring in the construction industry

RFID solutions with ready use templates, customer driven, and cost effective implementation. Free download cloud RFID software. Quick deployment for asset tracking, field inventory, healthcare, warehouse logistics, Oil & Gas, Energy, distribution, and manufacturing sectors.

Ripples IoT platform for Indoor positioning solutions, worker safety, inventory management, production floor tracking
Ripples IoT sensor data visualisation and notification software

Operational intelligence


Add business intelligence to your shop floor operations.


Locate, track & measure


Improve productivity, safety, compliance. 


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