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Wireless inventory trackers

Wireless inventory trackers, RTLS devices, store development, online stores, eCommerce logistics, last-mile fulfillment, store pickup, order processing & payment gateway solutions for the new normal inventory management systems.

What is RTLS tracking?  A high-performance wireless inventory tracking offering from Ripples IoT for traditional establishments that go online to offer their products and services on a global scale. Specialized integration services for logistics warehouse cargo tracking, freight cargo, food cold chain, specialty food, vineyards, indoor farms, and like industries.

Wireless inventory trackers, beacons

Wireless inventory trackers meaning? Business globally is going through unprecedented disruptions. Consumer behavior changed a lot during the fourth quarter of 2020. Wireless inventory trackers RTLS solution can boost productivity in warehouses, distribution centers.

RipplesRTLS wireless inventory trackers, beacons, inventory tracking tags for stock take accuracy.

Warehouse Inventory management

Upload your products online and reach out to consumers in old and reach out to new geographies. Communicate promotions, schedule store pickup, or home delivery timings, and manage order processing, returns, and cancellations. Take payment online through m-Pesa or Asia pay.

Wireless inventory tracker beacons

Majority of the business functions have now moved online – Music, dance, interviews, conferences, learning, classrooms, etc. There is no reason your business should not have a digital presence without an inventory tagging system. Hospital inventory tracking systems are easy to deploy in asset management

Move equipment from warehouse

How do you track inventory received? eCommerce is going through a boom globally and warehouses need to catch up with the demands of just-in-time inventory, on-time delivery, dispatch, proper storage, worker safety, and compliance. Using Warehouse monitoring, it becomes easy to maintain service level agreements.

Warehouse management is a subset of inventory tracking management and is focused on knowing which products are incoming and outgoing, as well as where each item is located. Digital twin in warehouse management has similar to inventory tracking functions, except more narrowly focused on the operation of a specific storage facility, including data on product quantities and locations, as well as operator performance using iot based asset management. Manage inventory counts, inventory placement. warehouse operation, warehouse equipment. Reduce human error, effective status updates, find free space, panic button, Epaper, beacon enabled location finding.

Ready to deploy, low maintenance, wireless inventory trackers

  • Bluetooth beacon data visualization tools
  • Can support up to 10,000 online users
  • No data sharing. Privacy & security assured.
  • Firewalls & virus scanner prevents phishing, hacks
  • Link existing website as
  • Full-fledged training & hand holding
  • Integrate with gps tracking tags for equipment
  • Your choice of secure payment gateway vendors
  • Add your own categories, products & services
  • Onsite delivery and store pickup options
  • Multiple languages (Malay, Thai, Vietnamese)
  • Offer equipment/ warehouse space rental services
  • Optional CRM, & indoor tracking data analytics tools
  • Asset tracking technologies with low cost of deployment
Logistics inventory tracking RTLS

For those in the business of providing warehousing & logistics transportation services, there are immense opportunities with going the digital way. Your warehouses & fleet can be well utilized with  RTLS platform solutions for equipment & specialized space rentals and we provide integration of digital twin in warehouses for customers to access storage-related information.

Move equipment from warehouse

Traditional manufacturing industries with a regular, strong client base can reach out to persuade them to book their supplies online. This is to ensure proper onsite delivery or warehouse pickup timings – as per the safety norms laid down by the local governments. Client Portal solutions integrated with warehouse logistics tracking are a great enabler.

Warehouse inventory software

With a leap in digital use and search for “near me” facilities, essential commodity services can use our intelligent eCommerce solutions that are RTLS enabled. These are built on reliable technology, supporting thousands of concurrent online buyers. We secure host the solutions on Digital ocean

Warehouse asset tracking

Warehouse inventory tags

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