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Take the pain out of stock-taking and Fifo models using warehouse inventory management software. A traditional warehouse management system uses barcodes and RFID tags, which involve a lot of manual work; are time-consuming, and do not guarantee inventory accuracy. Tracking of goods with 360-degree visibility also ensures that you have low cases of theft, abuse, & pilferages. Improve truck utilization, and invoice completion to ensure steady cash flow during a market churns. Deploy RTLS starter kit for accurate warehouse inventory management.

  • Easy stock-taking with inventory management software and integrated inventory tags with 5+ year battery life
  • A smart warehouse inventory system helps in a 10% reduction in inventory theft
  • Integrated with inventory tracking system for updates on stock position with 99% accuracy
  • Group item and group inventory tracking using BLE anchors
  • Integration with production management systems to know the availability of raw materials
  • Extend value addition to your retail, distribution, and manufacturing clients
  • Improve utilization, and reduce accidents with forklift tracking solutions
  • Pick to light for easy locating of inventory stock based on rack numbers for pallet tracking
  • Paging systems for warehouse workers, employee tracking, and smart device
  • Intruder detection at entry and exit of objects using sensors attached to doors and panels
  • Cold chain monitoring solutions on the same mesh network
  • Implementing FiFo warehouse inventory tracking model with no hassles
  • RTLS inventory integration for Inventree management software
Ripples IoT warehouse inventory management software

RTLS in warehouse with inventory management software

Ripples-FMS is the software solutions arm of Ripples IoT Pte Ltd and has been providing supply chain logistics, and warehouse inventory management software and supply chain visibility solutions in the Asia Pacific and Africa regions.

  • Warehouse Inventory Stocktake is a vital operational process in many warehouses, manufacturing, and production facilities to ensure accurate inventory control.

  • In many warehouse facilities, inventory tracking, stock-taking is done manually using barcode or RFID scanning. This will usually require stopping part (cycle counting) or all operations during the stock take. As this will affect operations, inventory stocktake cannot happen too frequently.

  • Active RF Tags such as BLE beacons can allow inventory stock take to be performed automatically to provide more frequent real-time updates.

  • BLE beacon can advertise to BLE gateways which capture their location within the facility for automated inventory count.

RTLS in warehouse inventory management software

Inventory stocktake done using BLE RTLS dashboard and tags are becoming increasingly popular for RTLS in warehouse management and distribution centers. 

Before conducting a stock take, it is important to plan to ensure a smooth process. This can include determining the best time to conduct the stock take, ensuring that all BLE tags are charged and functional, and preparing the necessary equipment. Our solutions provide battery-level alerts to ensure that all BLE tags are fully operational

To ensure accurate inventory data, it is essential to assign each item a unique BLE tag and ensure that all tags are correctly assigned to the corresponding item. This can be achieved by using a barcode or QR code scanner or manually assigning tags.

Before starting the stock take, conduct a pre-stock take check to ensure that all tags are functioning correctly and that there are no issues with the equipment or software. The mesh network ensures ready availability and coverage in large warehouses.

An efficient inventory management system with integrated wireless inventory trackers help streamline the stocktake process and reduce the risk of errors. This can include using a cloud-based system that allows real-time tracking of inventory levels and enables easy data analysis.

Ensure that all staff members involved in the stock take are properly trained on how to use the BLE tags and the inventory management system. This will help to ensure that data is entered accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors.

Regularly checking the accuracy of the inventory data is crucial to ensuring that the inventory records remain up-to-date, the data that will readily be available through the inventory management software

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