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FAQ for Realtime asset tracking software

RipplesIPS Realtime Asset Tracking Software with Wirepas mesh is a powerful way to track the indoor location of assets in real-time. Wirepas mesh networks are highly reliable and scalable, making them a cost-effective infrastructure for a wide range of realtime GPS asset tracker use cases, such as:

RipplesIPS team leverages its 5-year Internet of Things expertise in delivering an easy-to-deploy and quick to implement, wireless Real-time asset tracking system, which helps in improving productivity and safety in factories, warehouses, logistics yards and hospitals.
Realtime Asset tracking software, Wirepas mesh

Frequently asked questions for realtime asset tracking software


Q. Is there a Trade-off between Accuracy and Cost

There is a trade-off between accuracy and cost for IPS (Indoor Positioning System). Generally, the more accurate the system, the more expensive it will be to deploy and maintain. However, the specific requirements of the application will determine the optimal balance of accuracy and cost.

Q. What is RipplesIPS real-time asset tracking software?
Q. A cloud-enabled realtime asset tracking software for identifying the indoor asset location with an accuracy of 4 x 4 meters, which has the function to categorize the assets based on usage and type, physical location of the asset, time spent, last known location etc.
Q. Does the asset tracking software provide business rules
A. There is an easy-to-configure rule engine which can be enabled to send alerts and notifications, for example, when an employee goes to a no-go zone or if an inventory pallet is found to be stacked in the wrong location
Q. I want to group a set of assets to monitor the activities. How is this achieved
A. RipplesIPS has a functionality whereby assets can be grouped together and tracked for efficiency. This can be about tracking a group of interns, workers engaged in a specific repair activity, bill of materials pallet tracking in a production environment
Q. What is the concept of zoning in the Asset Tracking Software?
A. A virtual zone is a set of digital boundaries created in a specific region of the building  These could be different departments where people work, inventory storage areas, or front office reception where customers walk in to avail services

Q. How does one determine the size of each virtual zone in real-time asset tracking?

A. The dimensions (L & B) of the zones are determined by placing the battery-powered anchors at a height of 7 feet for maximum coverage and accuracy. The more the number of anchors, the more accurate the realtime gps asset tracker using Wirepas Mesh

Q. What are the benefits of deploying Real-time asset tracking for inventory management?

A. We have integrated Inventree software with RipplesIPS to provide you with professional inventory management software, which boosts productivity when it comes to inventory stock take and cycle counting.

Q: What is a Wirepas mesh network?

A: A Wirepas mesh network is a wireless network that uses low-power radio signals to connect devices. The network is self-organizing and self-healing, meaning that it can automatically configure itself and recover from disruptions.

Q: How does real-time asset tracking with a Wirepas mesh work?

A: Assets are equipped with Wirepas mesh tags. These tags communicate with each other and with gateway devices to relay their Indoor location information. The gateway devices send this information to a cloud-based asset tracking software platform, where users can access it in real time.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Wirepas mesh for realtime asset tracking?

A: Wirepas mesh networks offer a number of benefits for realtime asset tracking, including:

  • High reliability: Wirepas mesh networks are highly reliable, even in harsh environments.
  • Scalability: Wirepas mesh networks can be scaled to support a large number of devices.
  • Wirepas mesh tags consume very little power, which extends their battery life.
  • Security: Wirepas mesh networks are highly secure and resistant to interference.

Q: What are the costs associated with using a Wirepas mesh for real-time asset tracking?

A: The costs associated with using a Wirepas mesh for real-time asset tracking will vary depending on the specific application, layout and coverage. However, the cost of Wirepas mesh tags is relatively low, and the cost of the cloud-based asset tracking software platform is typically based on a subscription model. Overall, real time asset tracking with a Wirepas mesh is a powerful and affordable way to track the indoor location of assets in real-time.

Q. Can the same infrastructure be used for cold chain monitoring

A. EN 12830 cold chain monitoring solutions can be deployed on the same infrastructure to provide regular alerts and notifications.

Q. What kind of devices are used for realtime asset tracking

A. These are tiny battery-powered devices that emit data at pre-defined intervals to the real-time asset tracking software

Q. Are the devices supplied by you certified

A. The devices have certification for CE, FCC and RoHS

Q. What is the battery life of the asset tracking devices
A. This would vary between 3 months to 10 years battery life depending on how often they are configured to transmit information (Zone, timestamp)
Q. We want to track assets in our logistics yard. Will it be possible to deploy the solutions in open air.
A. Yes, the solution can be deployed in open air, provided there  poles available to deploy the waterproof anchor devices.
Q. Does the RipplesIPS solution provide GPS tracking
A. Unfortunately not. GPS devices drain battery faster, hence the efforts in charging them would make it expensive for our solution for now.
Q. Are you able to provide us with ATEX certified devices?
A. We can provide custom built solutions, In the case of ATEX devices, the minimum order quantity will be 20,000 numbers.
Q.  Are any gateway devices required for a 10,000 square feet area of real-time asset tracking
A. One gateway device can be kept at a central location to transmit data to the Asset tracking software on the cloud.
Q. How much time does it take to deploy a real time asset tracking system in  10,000 square feet

A. Under normal conditions, it would take about  7 working days to deploy the solution ready for trial runs

Q. How much does it cost to deploy the solution over an area of 10,000 square feet?

A. The asset tracking software pricing page has all the required information.

Q. Defective devices and replacement policy

A. The asset tracking devices are shipped with a 3-year replacement warranty

Q. Are there any need to have specialized engineers onsite to deploy the RipplesIPS solution?

A.  Most of the deployments done to date have been done by customers using the user manual. On a need basis, we can send our engineers onsite to deploy the wireless mesh network

Q. Can you provide us with a free trial kit for deployment?

A. We do have a Real Time Asset tracking starter kit which can be shipped to you in two weeks.

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