IOT success stories

IOT production material and purchase order tracking

IOT for production material and job order tracking

Our client is among the leading automotive component manufacturer based in Turkey with a workforce of 25 manning the shop floor of 10,000 sq.ft. They wanted a simple indoor positioning system that provided accuracy of 3 meters, to track the movement of purchase order files and associated production material. They decided to purchase the silver edition of our IOT starter kit to improve traceability, improve productivity and bring transparency for their clients.

IOT Indoor farm worker tracking and monitoring solution

IOT indoor farm process flow tracking
The client, a leading indoor farming company based in Singapore having multiple locations across the Asia Pacific region, wanted a wireless retrofit solution that would help them track the movement of 10 of their workers, the workflow patterns, besides the need to monitor temperature, humidity, and pressure inside the farm. Our indoor tracking and monitoring starter kit along with the cloud subscription software was the perfect fit to meet their needs. Deployed the indoor farm monitoring solution on time and within the stipulated budget.

Ripples IoT - Industrial automation success stories and use cases

Off the shelf and custom Industrial tracking and monitoring solutions. Here are some of the IOT case studies executed for our global clientele by our projects & development team. The team has extensive knowledge and exposure to emerging technologies such as Wirepas Mesh, Grafana, Django, InfluxDB & Node-RED middleware. Here is a brief of IOT success stories, projects done in industrial tracking & monitoring for large industrial houses, startups, non profits & government agencies.

Industrial monitoring use cases, success stories, Wirepas e-Commerce portal solution integration

B2B IOT eCommerce warehouse

This speciality food distribution company wanted us to build a proof of concept eCommerce store integrated on to the smart warehouse indoor tracking & monitoring system so that B2B customers would have direct access to information regarding the arrival time and storage condition of the high value perishable goods. Near expiry products were offered at discounted rates. Ripples  integrated the solution to provide seamless inventory management transparency in the distribution network.

Technology – Django Oscar, eCommerce engine, Grafana dashboard, Ruuvi, Wirepas on-premise, InfluxDB, Node-RED, Bluetooth Low Energy Anchors and tags

Industrial Internet of Things solutions use cases for factories

Our client is a leading adhesive manufacturing company with 6 plants across the Asia Pacific region. They wanted a raw material remote monitoring system which helped save on inspection time and reduced wastage. We built an on-premise workforce tracking & monitoring dashboard solution with synchronisation with their enterprise AWS cloud account.

Techology – Intel NUC as edge gateway, RFID tags, reader, Node-RED programming, InfluxDB time series database & data visualisation tools.

IOT cases studies - green house, Indoor farm monitoring and tracking solutions

IOT for supply chain logistics company, Singapore

This multinational logistics company are in the process of building smart warehouses, catering to their global clients in electronics manufacturing industry. Providing value-added services in tracking procurement & production supply chain. The purpose was to enable indoor group tracking of half full, empty bins, trolley locations with 2.5 meter accuracy within the 30,000 square feet shop floor.

Technology – Wirepas mesh, on-premise edge gateway, Node-RED integration,  Django responsive web application, InfluxDB, Bluetooth low energy mesh sensors.

Logistics yard tracking - Wirepas solutions provider, Smart warehouse monitoring in production environment Singapore

IOT in logistics yard

Proof of concept for a leader logistics provider in East Africa. Our client has around 1000 trucks moving in and out of their logistics yard on a daily basis. A workflow monitoring & driver tracking system to ensure compliance aspects, logging of arrivals, timely departures, repairs, refuelling, inspections etc.

Technology – Wirepas Mesh, anchors, tags, On premise inventory tracking software on edge devices, warehouse zone management, alerts, workflow information.

Ripples IoT case studies, indoor farm worker tracking, Farm to fork monitoring dashboard, eCommerce solutions

IOT farming industry

This farm produce distribution company wanted to monitor the temperature of the organic vegetables in  trays, being transported from the farmer to distribution centres and retail stores in the city. The product pricing was determined based on a variance in temperature from start of shipment. Smart logistics provider invoice was adjusted on a performance basis.

Technology – Ruuvi, data logger, long range Bluetooth gateway, edge storage, Grafana dashboard, InfluxDB, Node-RED programming, secure web application, DigitalOcean subscription. 

Industrial IOT starter kit use cases for schools

IOT in schools – Singapore

Building an Integrated dashboard solution for monitoring weather conditions, for students to carry out experiments. Provided outdoor solar panel charging, battery-powered module which transmits information to an edge gateway. As an IOT solutions provider, the data is shared on the local network for their laboratory to write own scripting for charts and alerts.

Technology – Wireless gateway, Zigbee mesh (our product), ESP32, Node-RED, Grafana dashboard, solar panel, charging circuit, rechargeable batteries, IP 68 enclosure, & antenna.

Ripples - IOT in electronics manufacturing

IOT in electronics manufacturing shop 

Our client is a leading manufacturer of electronic equipment meant for the semi conductor industry. They have a 30,000 sq.ft operations at Singapore and wanted our assistance in building a indoor workflow monitoring system to understand the movement of production machines from assembly to dispatch. We design a robust shop floor monitoring system based on Bluetooth mesh technology. Enables tracking of people movement, time spent by each of the production items in different virtual zones, reports provided comparison on weekly basis, staff movement, group dynamics etc.

Retail store safety health monitoring solutions - IOT success stories

IOT in retail store monitoring – London

This innovative solution built for a chain of retail laboratories based out of UK. Our local partner wanted to measure the body temperature of staff & customers to ensure safety, apart from deploying touchless attendance monitoring, monitoring ventilation (IAQ), temperature inside the reagent storage containers. Alert on power failure, abnormal values, e.mail notifications.

Technology – ESP32 kit, RFID reader, Bluetooth beacons, non contact thermal scanner, Node-RED development, Grafana data visualisation & DigitalOcean account.

Indoor air quality in hospitals to measure ventilation levels that help reduce infection

IOT in hospital for Indoor Air Quality monitoring

The hospital client is a leading ophthalmology center having 4 operation theaters, A steady flow of 100 patients a day keeps these departments busy. The need was to install indoor air quality monitoring modules with a unified dashboard. Providing alerts and notifications when values exceed stipulated levels (PM 2.5). End of day & weekly summary reports for accreditation purposes.

Ripples IoT - Equipment anomaly detection solutions for shop floor in factories

Anomaly detection in industrial cranes and elevators

This industrial house wanted a wireless mesh solution that monitored their heavy duty cranes, carts and elevators on a 24 x 7 basis to detect abnormal behaviour. We engineered a robust solution using Bluetooth technology and gateway devices to provide instant alerts. Valuable information that will prevent stoppage of their production lines.

Technology – Bluetooth Low Energy accelerometers, gateway devices, edge storage, Grafana dashboard, Node-RED middleware, InfluxDB, hastic time series anomaly detection.

IOT success stories – indoor positioning, location tracking & monitoring

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