Cost savings & productivity

Workshop workflow monitoring

In the post Covid19 era, the mandate for today’s managers is – workplace safety, avenues for cost reduction, enhanced productivity, superior customer experience. Reducing the time required for servicing of industrial components in the maintenance & repair operation is a continuous improvement process. While addressing the problem at maintenance organization, the total servicing time of aircraft for the existing conditions are first calculated.

Repair & maintenance, workshop, logistics yards, reduce costs, enhance productivity

Benefits of maintenance & repair monitoring 
  • Enables smart maintenance & repair inventory tracking
  • Improvement in the number of engine components serviced
  • Reduction in set-up time for servicing of compressors, landing gears, engine overhaul
  • Reduced shop floor area by avoiding the clutter of component bins trollies
  • Optimisation of manpower related to the shopfloor monitoring
  • Lowering maintenance cost due to effective inventory management
  • Reduced work In progress due to accurate tracking of repair activities

Repair and maintenance tracking, Logistics Management Software

Cost reduction in workshop

Tracking & monitoring storage areas for ground equipment such as lifting jacks, jigs, servicing trolleys, tool crib, testers, and fixtures is rearranged to facilitate quicker movement. Deploy our shop floor workflow monitoring system and gain valuable insights into the movement of people, objects, monitor equipment, environmental conditions, etc. Improve quality, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Enhancing productivity in logistics

Timely delivery is critical for maintenance & repair in the logistics & shipping industry – whether it is commercial, shipping, defense, or commercial ships. Using our workflow management tracking solution, the shopfloor processes can be monitored in stages to ensure the right quality and adherence to industry standards. Removal, and fitment of components, striping of components for servicing, etc.

Tracking of maintenance & repair

Monitoring the completeness of kits – eg, maintenance requirements of landing gears, integrated drive generator in oil tanker ship maintenance would involve 1000’s of components. Each of these needs segregation based on part #, job #, etc. Using our Indoor location software, it becomes easy to track the inventory of spare parts stored in bins trolleys. Alerts can be sent in the repair workflow system to reduce the mismatch of spares, which would, in turn, save millions through reducing potential failures

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