Workplace safety solutions

Wireless solutions for workforce safety tracking

Non contact worker tracking, Indoor asset tracking tag

Touchless attendance 

Touchless, noncontact attendance monitoring – easy to deploy, long battery life, integrated software for reports. Here is the best solution you can think of to improve worker safety, productivity, and discipline in your factory or warehouse. Lightweight, battery-operated Bluetooth tags can be attached along with the identification cards deployed inside the safety helmets of employees.

  •  Stand-alone body temperature monitoring kit with LED light
  • With add-on contactless RFID based attendance tracking module
  • Dashboard software + interface with your payroll software
  • Noncontact attendance with workflow monitoring
  • Solar powered / SIM version for remote regions
  • Other custom solutions also available based on requirements

Ripples IoT - Non contact, touchless attendance monitoring, workflow monitoring, social distancing solutions

Noncontact workplace safety tracking
  • No need to have physical contact / swiping of cards
  • Providing attendance data to the payroll system
  • Increase productivity and discipline
  • Record touchless arrival and departure time of people
  • Ensure physical distancing in factories, warehouses
  • People who have not checked in on a day
  • Detect regular latecomers
  • Compute total hours worked in the factory
  • Data for automatic leave computation
  • Implement shop floor Activity Based Costing




Touchless, non contact attendance monitoring system

Ripples IoT - workplace safety tracking solutions

non contact workflow monitoring solutions

Workplace safety tracking in factories

When the employee, contractor, or visitor passes through the predefined zones, the anchors will automatically capture the zone id and time of entry. The same applies when she moves within different zones such as production, stores, dispatch, dining area, etc – where separate anchors are installed to detect the presence and movement of people.

Our low powered Bluetooth mesh network can give coverage of 100,000 sq. meters and dividing the area into 5 x 5 square meter zones for workflow monitoring. Non contact technology is completely safe, RoHS is certified by European standards on transmission and radiation. The list of employees can be uploaded into the system using an excel file.

With the touchless data collected, various reports can be generated to understand the movement of people within the premises of the business.

Noncontact workplace safety solutions

A display dashboard can be provided at the time office to monitor people’s movement. Alternately for large companies, we can install the readers at the gate so that data can be captured in groups as they arrive by the provided transportation (bus, van, or taxi).

Call us to know more about our workplace safety tracking solutions for factories, warehouses, shipyards, mines, and hospitals.

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