Physical distance at workplace

Workforce physical distance monitoring solutions

Shipyards, the mining industry, construction sites, warehouses, and factories need to live with physical distance norms, where 1000’s of workers mingle at unsafe distances. Managing over the permanent and contract workforce, spares inventory management, supply chain logistics, worker productivity, work time logging, safety, industry compliance, inspection requirements, zoning inside bulk tankers, explosive cargo storage, etc. Zone-wise headcount info clearly available is helpful in eliminating willful delinquencies.

Ripples IOT workforce physical distance tracking, enforce distancing in mining industry, shipyard, warehouses, factories, hospitals

Monitoring the workforce for physical distance
  • Wireless mesh deployment hence negating any connectivity issues occurring due to the subterranean nature.
  • Connected workforce features that help improve total internal efficiency at such sites
  • We offer modules that are tailor-made for a mining application in order to run PoCs for connected workforce and equipment traceability applications
  • Grouping provisions for the workforce to ensure no man is left behind at the end of a shift in coal mines
  • Automatic detection of unauthorized exit of mining/construction equipment in order to reduce theft
  • Automatic counting of entrances and exits for workers and vehicles in order to maintain automated records that can also be integrated into existing pay-roll modules in order to calculate wages associated with each worker
  • System for automatic recording of visits at points of rounds for security staff within the shipyard site
  • Enabling intelligent connected tools by equipping tools with very small tags inside small parts of tools in order to detect and locate the tool when it is missing at the end of each work phase
  • Ensure automatic worker counting and location per floor inside multi-floor towers hence improving worker safety standards at the mining & construction site
  • Improve workforce productivity by gaining insights from movement matrices at both construction and mining sites

With the help of our inventory tracking solutions, construction, mining, shipping, warehouse, manufacturing, and healthcare industries can deliver value to their operations through new insights that would help improve productivity, experience, safety, and security.

Enforce physical distancing for worker safety
  • Bluetooth tags configured at the time of entry to premises and deployed inside helmets
  • The payroll system is integrated with our IoT Platform to capture necessary data
  • Anchor readers are fitted within zones to understand workforce movement
  • The wireless solution captures the data on movement, time spent, proximity in a central database
  • Data is shared in realtime with inspectors, attendance system & security to know the movement
  • Shop floor supervisors understand workflow to optimize visibility to each industrial zone
  • Monitoring of temperature, pressure, and humidity levels in different areas
  • Prevent the theft of high-value in-house equipment
  • Unionized walk-outs that are brought to attention at month-end during payroll prep can be looked at and addressed immediately reducing loss in productivity.

Call us to know how workforce safety tracking can help management companies, logistics yards, healthcare institutions, shipyards, ship repair units, mining industry, warehouses, etc. Achieve higher security enforcement, employee productivity, and return on investment by understanding people’s movement behavior, storage positioning, and securing valuable assets.

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