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In the construction industry, whether it is about residential apartments, commercial office buildings, or flyovers, the flooring, tiling, or painting on a concrete surface that is insufficiently dry can end up being a man-made disaster.

Imperfect conditions lead to failure

To successfully first cure and then dry concrete requires specific conditions. You need to maintain a temperature higher than 10°C and relative humidity of greater than 80 percent in the concrete.

Once the construction industry concrete is hardened, you have to make sure that it is dry enough for finishing. Typically, the relative humidity around should not exceed 82 percent. Some flooring materials in the construction industry require humidity of less than 75 percent for a successful application.

Tight project schedules in the APAC region and rapidly varying weather conditions can lead to structural mishaps in the construction industry. Damp concrete in the construction process will damage the building flooring sooner or later. Furthermore, mold and microbe growth on moist surfaces will cause indoor air quality problems.

Asset tracking solutions in the construction industry

Indoor positioning and outdoor tracking for the construction industry with ready to deploy wireless sensor kits. No wiring need for gateway or tags. Install in under 2 hours and you are ready to start. Accuracy can be in the range of 5 to 10 meters with 10-minute transmission interval and 5-year battery life. This makes RipplesIOT asset tracking solutions the best choice for tracking inventory such as prefabricated material etc.

Construction industry worker tracking solutions

Our wireless (BLE) sensor-enabled workforce tracking solutions for construction,  supply chain industries involves the deployment of reusable tags with long-range detectors to help monitor and condition the movement and environment of objects – containers, goods, trucks, and people. Visitors to the warehouse or yard can be geofenced to enforce safety and security.

Our mesh BLE sensor-enabled workforce solutions go beyond basic worker tracking. The data analytics module can throw trends from operational aspects – perennially late people, trucks, abuse of equipment, cargo. Potential theft scenario, visitor mapping, just in time inventory management & threshold triggers on environment and safety.

We deploy the best in class, certified and CE compliant devices with the data hosted and on-premise servers to help the construction supply chain optimize operations.

Call us to know how our  IOT platform for construction worker tracking can help raise productivity levels and ensure timely completion of projects, gain a competitive advantage for your organization.

The author is the founder and managing director at Ripples IOT Pte Ltd. (c) All rights reserved 2020

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