Wirepas IoT, how to Improve facilities management

The value proposition of Wirepas IoT starter kit

wirepas iot starter kit, indoor positioning systems for facilities management, asset management, workflow management.

Ripples IoT asset tracking solutions deliver an unbeatable value proposition using a Wirepas IOT starter kit, with a massive mesh integrated Dashboard & API technology for 2.5 – 10 – 5 for indoor positioning. 0.5 meter location accuracy, 10-minute reporting, and 5-year battery life – the lowest cost of ownership for a massive IOT deployment for easy deployment in hospital asset tracking, and forklift tracking in warehouses.

We provide an innovative Wirepas mesh indoor positioning with integrated software solutions that comprise low-energy Bluetooth beacons, gateway devices, application software, Wirepas API framework, licenses, a dashboard, data visualization tools, Modbus connectivity, and an indoor positioning engine. IoT starter kit from Wirepas partners

Low TCO facilities management system on a massive mesh network

We focus on large-scale IOT applications where we can create unique value and an optimized solution for our customers in supply chain logistics, manufacturing & healthcare industries. In many industrial applications, such as smart metering and sensoring, there can be millions of devices in a network. Deployments of Bluetooth mesh in the field have proven this scalability in various applications including smart metering.

Wirepas Mesh technology scales to any number of devices – two or two million nodes, whilst optimizing itself for the best performance.  You can have thousands of devices in one room without interference due to the automatic and efficient use of radio resources. On the other hand, the distance between the two devices can be several kilometers. The total geographical coverage of the network is limitless because every single device is an autonomous part of the network and can operate as a router.

With mesh connectivity, even the most difficult places can be reached. It is robust in basements and deep indoors because the devices have several different options for connecting to the mesh network 

Indoor positioning & Wirepas IoT starter kit

We provide off-the-shelf workflow monitoring, and indoor tracking dashboard solutions based on the mesh network. API technology. The cloud / on-premise hosted software solution can be deployed to integrate sensor devices and asset tags from multiple vendors – mesh and standalone products. We offer Wirepas development as a service, engaging a dedicated pool of development teams for deploying the Wirepas massive mesh evaluation kit. 

Simple to use and deploy Indoor position tracking

Wirepas integration solutions from Ripples IOT are easy to install, maintain, and extend – everything is automatic. The customer just powers the device and it automatically connects and operates as an autonomous part of the network for indoor position tracking.

Secure, Massive IOT deployment on Wirepas

Our digital twin in healthcare solution, for example, guarantees that messages are protected and cannot be modified – the customer owns the data and only they have access to it.

Security is a key requirement in any IoT device network. Wirepas Mesh delivers link-layer security built on industry standards to guarantee message integrity & authenticity, message confidentiality, replay protection, node authenticity, and access control to the network.

Every message is encrypted with AES-128 counter mode. Messages are appended with OMAC1 Message Integrity Code (MIC) to prevent playback and man-in-the-middle attacks. A device without the correct encryption & authentication key pair cannot join the network of wirepas mesh frequency.

Wirepas asset tracking IOT starter kit

Reliability and security are key to trust in IOT. With Wirepas Mesh there is no single point of failure because all the devices are homogenous and can forward data as required. It is self-healing and reacts to changing physical or radio environments automatically.

This technology is robust against interference. There can be several different wireless systems in the same area. Devices with Wirepas Mesh locally choose the best channels to operate whilst minimizing interference to other radio systems. In case a message is lost it will automatically be re-sent until its receipt is verified. 

Wirepas mesh development kit from Ripples IOT – future proof & flexible

Wirepas Mesh is constantly developed, and new enhancements are delivered to customers. This allows new use cases to be supported during the potentially long lifecycle of an industrial IoT device. Our indoor positioning & tracking dashboard for the factory shop floor, workforce & inventory tracking solutions is easy to implement on cloud / on-premise gateway devices. These new features in the mesh software can be delivered using an efficient and secure update process over the air.

Devices can function at a number of operating points decided during run-time which do not need to be decided at design time. This flexibility allows each device to balance between throughput, latency, and power consumption to suit the application’s needs.

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