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RTLS Real-time location tracking starter kit

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RipplesIPS Real-time location tracking RTLS starter kit – A mesh network technology is at the core of our Indoor location tracking solutions. It is a wireless connectivity technology for massive RTLS deployments,  evaluation software running on the devices in combination with the RTLS platform enables a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient solution. Ideal for deploying digital twin in healthcare, warehouse inventory management, and production floor tracking, construction site safety in harsh and hazardous environments.

Indoor positioning system with dashboard

RipplesIPS Real-time location tracking has successfully deployed asset tracking to enable indoor mapping of assets, inventory, and people in warehouses, hospitals & factories. The solution can be deployed on a cloud or on-premise model, with API integration with leading ERP and CRM solutions and the evaluation kit makes it easy.
Wirepas mesh IOT indoor positioning platform

The wireless network protocol provides one horizontal connectivity layer for all RTLS use cases: collect data from your indoor tracking tags, monitor sensors to our RTLS platform application in the cloud, control remotely located devices, communicate device-to-device in the network with or without the cloud and track the location of moving assets in warehouse management and manufacturing

All the networking intelligence is included in the indoor positioning system and asset tracking software to form a resilient large-scale wireless mesh network. The location tracking dashboard helps locate objects with 0.25 meter accuracy for plant shop floor tracking, manufacturing downtime tracking, workshop repairs tracking,

RipplesIPS wire free real-time location tracking systems

Fast data collection no wiring and no need to send commands via Personal Computer or PLC as in traditional factory automation systems offered by many vendors. Wirepas vs Bluetooth mesh comparison does not really matter in these cases. The asset inventory tracking system for factory production shop floor monitoring is easy to move around unlike in PLC automation. Using the mesh evaluation kit, there are no additional costs in programming PLC or any difficulty maintaining wiring and equipment.

Real-time location tracking RTLS platform

Our Bluetooth Low Energy beacons for locating with monitoring indoor assets are built to consume low energy, provide long-range indoor connectivity, and support long battery life, retrofit monitoring sensor deployment, and low cost of ownership and maintenance. Ideal RTLS platform for asset tracking,  inventory pallet & warehouse forklift location monitoring, lone workforce safety, factory shop floor monitoring, and cargo inventory tracking.

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