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Indoor location tracking and positioning

RipplesIOT Wirepas Indoor positioning system beacons, Indoor positioning tags for inventory, asset, workflow tracking

Wirepas Indoor positioning systems beacons depict the indoor localization of persons and objects within the shop floor and warehouses. This indoor localization is a technical challenge because outdoor map devices do not work within interior spaces, besides the need to frequently charge the batteries. The need for indoor positioning systems in warehouses, and factories can help improve productivity, and save costs in the current business scenario, where modernization and going digital will be the need of the hour. Industrial IOT starter kits can be deployed at ease, and within budget to gain business intelligence insights. Using the mesh network, temperature monitoring system Singapore hosted dashboard can bring new insights into warehouse monitoring.

Best indoor positioning system use cases

Digital twin in warehouses with locating systems – Shop floor monitoring solution comprises workflow monitoring software, data visualization tools, report builder, analytics,  asset & inventory tags, warehouse management indoor positioning system beacons, anchors, and gateway devices. Factories and Indoor mapping warehouses help in tracking high-value objects such as machinery, tools, spares, raw material, finished goods inventory, etc that need to be located easily and accounted for. The indoor location tracking and indoor mapping solution using bluetooth low energy positioning technology provides real time location of asset inventory without the need for global positioning gps or wi fi access points, making it the easiest and cost efficiency solution available in the market.


Inventory, equipment, asset - indoor positioning and tracking solutions

Best Indoor tracking solutions

How do Bluetooth indoor positioning wireless technologies work? Bluetooth beacons for indoor positioning. Low Energy mesh enabled sensors to provide the right solution to accurately locate the position of objects in a shop floor area that spans vast areas of up to 100,000 square meters and supports up to 1 million devices on a highly reliable, no interference,  zero failure network for production critical applications. Ideal for Indoor mapping factories. Unlike wifi beacons, indoor positioning beacons are low-energy devices having longer battery life. 

Indoor positioning software

Why are signal beacons used for positioning? Our research and development team has crossed significant milestones in building on-premise/cloud-enabled indoor positioning software for indoor inventory tags, asset tracking beacons, and patient tracking devices. The software has the capability to create zones on the shop floor, assign tracking tags, Ble indoor positioning beacons such as air quality, tilt, acceleration, pressure, etc, and provide a bird’s eye view for operations team members to take corrective action where needed.

Location tracking and positioning work patterns

The benefits of deployment of efficient, low maintenance, and secure indoor positioning technologies are many. These include an increase in productivity, Anti-theft, servicing, etc. Indoor location mapping can help trace key resources, their deployment on the shop floor, and enable the knowledge transfer process.

Indoor social distancing solution for hospitals, warehouses, shipyard, factories, mines, construction sites

leveraging powerful indoor localization

  • Improve shop floor workflow productivity for user locations
  • Improve safety, security in factories with indoor positioning solutions.
  • Easy to deploy Ble beacon location tracking solutions
  • Superior to technologies such as wifi ultrawideband rfid
  • Gain business intelligence on production workflow by creating zones
  • Indoor mapping warehouses and distribution centers
  • Improve office productivity by analyzing workflow patterns
  • On-premise & Edge gateway deployment for a secure environment
  • Shop floor efficiency solutions provide 360-degree view
  • Preventive maintenance tracking in shipyards, factories, mines

Best Indoor positioning system ips in factories & warehouses

Indoor positioning can be realized easily with mesh software technology for indoor mapping hospitals, and logistics yards. The combination of our various sensors allows the accuracy of appx five feet. Ripples IOT deploys multiple sensors for the detection of magnetic fields, CO2, air pressure, barometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope, and combines them with external sensor data using Wi-Fi and Wirepas mesh network. Indoor tracking system, indoor location tracking and indoor gps tracking refers to the same concept of solutions to locate and track objects on the shop floor.

Indoor navigation with positioning technology is good for locating systems in warehouses, factories, hospitals. The ideal solutions are built using indoor positioning technology which does the signal processing to provide location information, to locate people, equipment using mobile devices.  Integrate indoor navigation locating systems with bluetooth low energy for location data, easier and cheaper than ultra-wideband technology.

Our indoor positioning software, the cloud-hosted solution can be integrated as a hybrid – IOT in asset tracking for last-mile visibility and global roaming devices & 4G connectivity across 170 countries. Attend our automation webinars on productivity and learn how inventory tracking & Indoor tracking tags can help improve construction site safety, warehouse operations, and factory productivity.

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