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Wireless asset tracking in factories & warehouses

Assets in factories and warehouses are in different sizes, shapes, and deployed for many reasons. Some are part of the plant and machinery, some are moveable and others are stationary. Trolleys, Pallets, drills, and forklifts are examples of objects that need tracking while in motion – for the ease to locate them, manage inventory count, and ensuring the right equipment at the right place to help productivity. In certain regions, there is a need to look at accountability as well, due to theft and misuse of high-value equipment. 

Ripples IOT indoor asset tracking solutions

Wireless location inventory tracking

The biggest challenge of a GPS system is the lack of support for long battery life on the tags. With the advent of indoor location system for asset tracking, smart factories are now able to zone the shopfloor and measure the efficiencies of production and the movement and location of equipment and contractors.

Wireless solutions for indoor asset tracking

Traditional barcode systems and passive RFID systems have dominated the purpose of meeting the needs of inventory tracking in industries. The advent of  Bluetooth mesh solutions has brought in much convenience by enabling the seamless integration of battery-operated tags attached on inventory pallets and assets. These tags provide a range of up to 20,000 square meters on a mesh network for asset location tracking & monitoring (Temperature, humidity, pressure and G-force) in factories and warehouses. This also helps in reducing the cost of infrastructure deployment – wired readers, gateways, etc.

IOT indoor asset location tracking

Worker safety tracking solutions are a prerequisite in certain industries to track the movement and location of temporary staff and contractors. This is applicable in high-security manufacturing zones and requirements to meet the safety needs of construction and ship repair industries.

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