Know what is indoor positioning in asset inventory

What is an Indoor Positioning system? 

What is indoor positioning ? its uses and industries which benefit? It is a massive Internet of Things (IoT) based, indoor location tracking system that works without extensive cabling or infrastructure costs. It has its own interference-free mesh network topology which becomes the backbone for enabling the following functions

  • Easy to deploy, forklift, pallet & workforce safety tracking system
  • Accurate location of moving & stationary objects on the shop floor
  • Accuracy of 2.0 x 2.0 meters for locating indoor objects.
  • Integrated inventory tracking & asset monitoring system
  • Lowest cost / sq meter indoor positioning & tracking solution in the world
  • No electrical wiring or networking cables need to be laid
  • Indoor positioning beacons with 5 – 10 year battery life
  • Add-on for Temperature, humidity, pressure & movement

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What is indoor positioning system ?

What is indoor positioning technology ?. They essentially comprise a Bluetooth mesh network, which is integrated with Indoor positioning software & data visualization tools, wireless gateway, sensors (Choice of inventory tags, temperature, movement, pressure, intruder detection sensors), and anchors that can be deployed on walls or pillars to define virtual zones on the shop floor using Wirepas indoor positioning system giving and indoor positioning accuracy of 2.5 meters, which can be integrated with indoor navigation and indoor localization systems, a mesh enabled robust signal strength, Bluetooth low energy technology.

Why indoor positioning systems

There are different types of indoor positioning systems. We have considerably simplified the installation process for you to deploy the indoor positioning system solution on your own using our integrated software. How to build indoor positioning systems ?.

  • Switch on the Gateway and connect to the internet (LAN or WiFi)
  • Map your shop floor into zones of 2.5 x 2.5 meter squares
  • Logon to our secure IoT asset tracking software with your user-id
  • Deploy the anchor tags accordingly at 7 feet height on the wall
  • Assign tags to objects like equipment, people, etc to be tracked
  • Attach the tags to the intended objects for tracking & monitoring
  • No complicated cabling or electrical wiring needed
  • Indoor positioning system Arduino support for custom sensors
  • You are ready to go !!

Deploy indoor positioning

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Indoor tracking system

Indoor positioning system open source pay-as-you-go. What is an indoor positioning system? now available. Now you can easily measure the ROI of Indoor location tracking systems through our subscription models. The DIY installation kits can be shipped anywhere globally and access the Indoor positioning data insights from the cloud.

Indoor positioning system in factories

Besides tracking inventory & fixed assets, the indoor positioning solution can be deployed to monitor the movement of the workforce and contractors within the factory or warehouse shop floor. This will help in understanding the daily workflow and remove bottlenecks that will aid in productivity and elevate the morale at workplaces through greater transparency and trust. Read about massive deployment

What is indoor positioning system, indoor location tracking system. Explained by Ripples IOT

Easily locate inventory & assets in factories and warehouses

Bluetooth low energy blue devices have access points for constant signal strength using indoor positioning technologies for large-scale indoor positioning solutions, giving the required positioning accuracy.

Indoor positioning & tracking is an emerging technology that is used to locate moving and stationary objects within premises such as production areas, warehouses, logistics yards, construction industries, etc. Let us look at some of the Indoor location tracking solutions for pallet tracking, inventory & asset monitoring.

There are different kinds of indoor GPS positioning technology available under two broad categories. First, it is the wired solution, where gateway devices are installed at designated locations on the shop floor of the manufacturing unit or hospital asset tracking depending on the total layout of the space, hundreds of gateway devices will need to be deployed to ensure there is full coverage to track the moving or stationary objects.

Mesh technology indoor positioning systems

The pallets need to be fitted with tracking tags that communicate to one or more of the gateway devices and using cloud-enabled application software, the end-user will be able to see the location of the object on the shop floor map. Today highly reliable technologies are available from companies such as Wirepas that can scale to 1 million asset tracking tags on a single network.

Indoor positioning system & location accuracy

The accuracy of the location would vary between a few centimeters to 2.5 meters or higher. More the accuracy, the higher will be the cost of the solution and related maintenance costs. Pallet tracking in production areas would normally require an accuracy of 2.55 square meters. Wired solutions involved extensive cabling, electrical inspections, LAN network, WiFi, or Wirepas vs Zigbee transmission protocols enabled in the factory or the warehouse where indoor position technology is enabled.

Whereas, wireless solutions using a mesh technology comprise battery-operated anchors (instead of a powered gateway) and asset tags (location, movement, temperature, opening-closing, and other functions provided) typically give a location accuracy of 5 meters – to depict the location within a room or a production area such as quality control, packing or dispatch. With the help of our software, the end customer can be given access to order-specific information so as to update on the production status. This is very helpful for hi-tech industrial equipment manufacturers, where strict deadlines are the norm.

Indoor location tracking and indoor positioning system

The battery life of the tags will attribute to the cost of ownership of the solution, which includes installation, deployment, maintenance, and the ability to expand the area of operations as new vendor locations, departments, and inventory are added to the manufacturing line. Pallet tracking in factories & warehouses can help reduce inventory costs.

The devices available in the markets are a mix when it comes to environmental protection and standards. Bluetooth Low Energy is the preferred technology and is widely endorsed by industry leaders such as Google, Apple, etc. A mesh-enabled solution ensures the position network stays reliable even if one of the anchor devices fails. A battery-low alert mechanism is provided by many vendors.

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