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Productivity, safety & compliance 

IoT in Warehouse monitoring with wireless deployment. Our warehouse inventory and indoor GPS asset inventory tracking solutions would not need to require extensive wiring infrastructure or inspections, hence can be deployed in under 7 days. Bluetooth mesh tags and sensors with 5+ years of battery life. IP 67 and RoHS compliant

Lowest deployment costs and maintenance

Integrated dashboard software & warehouse monitoring & tracking beacons allow fast and easy deployment, reduced cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance costs. (Total cost) When it comes to complex repair & preventive maintenance trackers in warehouses & logistics yards, our repair tracking system helps in improving productivity, inventory control, and safety with the help of sensor iot dashboard software.

IOT in warehouse cold chain alerts & notifications

Ripples IOT - Warehouse management system Singapore, asset Inventory tags, Digital twin for warehouses, cold chain monitoringThe most basic industrial warehouse monitoring, asset inventory tags usually contain an inventory number, barcode, and the name of the company that is managing the inventory tagging format. In some cases, they may contain additional identifiers such as product name or a “do not remove” statement. By standardizing its inventory labeling with a tag, a warehousing company can ensure uniformity across its organization and more efficient monitoring, warehouse cold chain traceability, and how to label inventory items, stocking, and shipments for the warehouse management system.

Assign prefabricated asset inventory, warehouse tracking beacons, and tracking the arrival at the warehouse address or manufacturing plant. Helps track the movement of high-value finished goods within shop floors and storage zones. Asset transfer tracking, meaning ‘Check-ins’ and ‘Check-outs’ of warehouse inventory list and workforce in warehouse management. The solution also provides group inventory tracking in a shop floor environment. The exact location of workers per zone area and automatic counting of entrances and exits. Automatic detection, localization, and stop of any unauthorized exit. Worker safety monitoring is enabled using Bluetooth inventory tags in helmets to ensure safe distancing using a warehouse employee tracking system.

With the help of data loggers and wireless sensors, the operational efficiency of warehouse operations and storage facilities in warehouse management can be improved, and temperature and humidity monitoring can be implemented with remote monitoring systems in real time.

  • Availability of specific equipment – were being used or idle
  • Location of portable assets such as tools, spares 
  • Preventive maintenance of power generator sets
  • Track forklift usage time, areas visited, collusions during shift timings, violation of no go zones
  • Seamless check-in and check-out time of employees and contractors using warehouse IOT starter kit
  • Implement IOT in logistics management to reduce theft
  • Intruder entry through during off office hours
  • Detection of people moving to analyze occupancy 
  • Tracking worker count at warehouse premises
  • Inputs for third party facility management and maintenance teams
  • Custom sensor integration for moisture control
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring system for warehouse 

IOT in warehouse monitoring system

Warehouse shop floors have plant and machinery, cargo inventory, and finished goods that need proper accountability to ensure timely dispatches. Our retrofit warehouse inventory tracking solutions help in optimizing cargo movement and improve supply chain visibility using equipment tagging standards for warehouse inventory management.

Warehouse cold chain monitoring, temperature control and humidity

Integrated, completely wireless cold chain monitoring, temperature traceability, and warehouse inventory management with an indoor mapping accuracy of 2.5 meters.  Enables just-in-time inventory & warehouse management. Track & monitor inventory, pallet, forklift & employee with up to 2.5-meter accuracy. Optimize production and warehouse operations. Attach warehouse inventory tracker to stationary & moving inventory items, equipment, and workers. Enabling 100% effectiveness using warehouse management software.

  • Manage warehouse lots for production zone using inventory tagging system
  • Warehouse cold chain traceability, humidity & pressure values in large zones without wiring
  • Security aspects such as door opening, closing, movement of people
  • Integrate warehouse space management & eCommerce functions
  • Track warehouse inventory, equipment, and workforce within zones
  • Warehouse pallet & forklift tracking for improved safety & productivity
  • Leverage the power of sharing economy with warehouse temperature monitoring data
  • IOT data visualization, alerts and notification using dashboards

Physical inventory tags for indoor location mapping

Smart manufacturing, supply chain logistics, distribution, and retail industries are tightly interconnected and adopting modern warehouse management solutions to bring operational efficiencies. Deploying our internet of things enabled indoor location tracking solutions for warehouse inventory, forklift tracking can enable value-add, and improve efficiencies in the value chain.

Indoor mapping of objects within 2.5 meter accuracy

Warehouse monitoring includes the need to Identify the number of forklifts & pallet count, and drill presses in a particular zone, track Loading and unloading trucks in the vicinity tracking finished goods in the QC zone and warehouses. Check-in and check-out timings can be proactively tracked by identifying the indoor position of pallets, trolleys & groups of bins Integrated dashboard software Users will have access to integrated dashboards to ensure safe distancing using digital twin warehouses.

Monitor the movement of managers, supervisors, visitors, and contractors within designated zones. Any threshold breach can be easily alerted and notified to concerned departments for further action.

Ripples IOT warehouse monitoring solutions Singapore

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