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The emergence of Industry 4.0 and smart warehouse inventory management have made it a necessity for manufacturing industries to adopt modern practices to optimize their production processes. Inventory tracking and monitoring using wireless technology are being adopted by leading industries for shop floor intelligence –  tracking and monitoring of pallets, their location, space utilization, and working environment.

These wireless forklift tracking & monitoring technologies can also be classified under factory asset management systems in which industries leverage such sensor technologies to improve asset visibility. This digital transformation technology is playing an important role in many mainstream industries such as logistics, warehousing, healthcare, fleet management, shipping, and factory automation.

With manufacturing industries aiming to adopt Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing, product life cycle management,  efficient production process control, supply chain visibility, and just in time logistics have increasingly become a necessity.

Owing to this platonic shift, forklift tracking solutions are being adopted by leading corporations practicing Industry 4.0, and are anticipated to greatly impact the growth of various industries in the coming years.

This disruptive technology allows manufacturers to track a high-value asset through the entire stage of production, their real-time location, and status, and generate various reports which help them to monitor and take important actions accordingly.

  • Easy to deploy wireless inventory & forklift tracking solutions
  • Monitor the utilization of rack storage in warehouses
  • Log the entry and exit of pallets from the warehouse
  • Understanding storage bin utilization and usage history of racks
  • Grouping of trollies and bins in a pre-production environment
  • Track missing bins, empty trollies, and production-ready modules
  • Tracking of trollies and bins within storage and production zones
  • Integrated with cloud-ready monitoring and analytics application
  • Understand the movement of pallets within warehouse zones
  • Monitoring forklift tracking and speed control
  • Alerts and notification on the unusual movement of pallets
  • Monitoring of storage environment – temperature, humidity & pressure.
  • Low on maintenance. 10-year battery life and waterproof tags
Pallet , forklift tracking in warehouses

The asset tracking technologies need to balance between ease of deployment, battery autonomy, transmission range, device size, wireless protocol, security, and ATEX safety norms.

Some industries use active Bluetooth Low Energy, the highly proven, widely deployed technology for factory inventory tracking, equipment monitoring, and physically securing high-value assets. Ripples IoT provides best in class, tamper-proof, miniature sensor devices, dashboard software, and data visualization tools for production bin tracking. We work through our partner network across, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania & Nigeria.

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Technology adoption in warehouse inventory tracking

These unique wireless asset tracking solutions also help in monitoring real-time data regarding plant & machinery and equipment to plan maintenance activities and reduce preventive maintenance costs, besides. Industries involved in warehousing, distribution & supply chain logistics, who are the main adopters of cold chain/asset tracking solutions, are able to track truck location, movement, tilt, temperature, shock & environment condition. These key forces pave the way for the adoption of wireless asset tracking technologies in smart factories and warehouses.

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