Logistics yard automation

Improve productivity, safety & utilisation

Logistics yard, Warehouse automation ; Wireless sensors, asset tracking system

A modern supply-chain logistics yard & warehouses have certainly come a long way from a simple place to store things to a high-tech processing facility for a large variety of products such as consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, third party logistics, just in time inventory management etc. It has now become an integral part of the supply chain.

As the warehouses grew in size and variety of stored goods, manual operations could not keep up with the mounting challenges. Industrial automation presents the right solution to improve operational efficiency .

Ripples IOT offers robust indoor tracking solutions for logistics yard management, combining best-in-class sensor tags operating range with very low power consumption. Each module comes with embedded networking software to provide location tracking with up to 2.5 metre accuracy.. Ripples IOT modules can be easily integrated into high value inventory, contract and permanent workforce, asset tracking etc, enabling standards-based industrial logistics yard tracking and monitoring.

Logistics yard tracking & monitoring benefits:
  • Considerable improvement in worker productivity and safety
  • Better space and storage utilization in the logistics yard
  • Increased the number of cargo dispatches using different carriers
  • Real-time tracking of pallets, bins, trolleys and forklifts
  • Paperless operations for eGovernance
  • Tracking of logistics repair and maintenance
  • Tracability of cargo in the logistics yard

Wireless Sensor Network technologies are ideally suited for the industrial warehouse automation task. It eliminates expensive and troublesome wiring and provides ultimate flexibility in placing the sensors and tags for monitoring and tracking. Bluetooth low energy standards, allow to use long life battery operated sensor devices that can be placed anywhere in the logistics yard.

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