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Teltonika cold chain traceability solutions

Teltonika Cold chain monitoring software solutions with Blue blue puck EN12830 are crucial for industries like warehousing, food industry processing, paints, etc. For such industries temperature and humidity, variations determine the success of the treatment, quality of food, paint, print, etc. For example, in meat processing, there are chances of freeze damage if the meat is stored at a warmer temperature than -1.5 degrees Celsius. It is ideal that the cold storage maintains a temperature close to -1.5 degrees Celsius.

Some of these are based on European standards (EN12830) Though there are devices that can track temperature and humidity the human interventions required increase the chance of errors and contamination. Moreover, immediate action has to be taken to curb the extent of damage caused, using the  RTLS dashboard software.

Ripples - Cold chain monitoring sensors

Teltonika cold chain traceability

Our products guarantee that the data collected from a mapping exercise, either in real-time or stored data, is genuine. There is no human manipulation in the process from data collection to cloud storage and data processing. By autonomously performing all calculations and charting the data, errors belong to the past.

Furthermore, Teltonika cold chain monitoring software solutions do not allow any adding, changing, or deletion of data. Regulatory authorities and auditors can easily verify if the digital mapping report you have provided is genuine. Our cloud-based software checks if the report has been altered after generation, in line with FDA 21 Part 11 requirements regarding electronic data records.

EN12830 sensors & data visualization tools

By deploying our Teltonika cold chain monitoring systems, you have a robust solution that continuously keeps a vigil of your storage, processing unit, and transportation without any human interventions using cold chain applications teltonika blue puck.

The data thus captured by these smart temperature sensors are automatically logged to the sensor data visualization tool, which provides insightful reports on mobile phones. The facility monitoring solution can also be set to provide an alert whenever there is a variation in the temperature or humidity.

Ripples IOT India - Teltonika dashboard, cold chain monitoring sensors for warehouses, supply chain

  • Compact data loggers, NIST-traceable or ISO 17025:2005 calibration certificates
  • Install without any pre-setup or wiring involved & no buttons to press
  • High accuracy: ±0.10°C (0°C to 70°C) and ±0.15°C (-40°C to 0°C)  
  • Long-term stability (drift over time <0.01°C/year)
  • Temperature sensor support to optimize cold-chain traceability
  • Integration with RTLS inventory management software

Cold chain monitoring solutions India

  • Easy to use the application, no installation required, with detailed & customized reports
  • All data is available in the Cloud database where it is stored securely for at least 5 years
  • Fully automatic report generation; no human intervention & genuine data guaranteed
  • Tabular and graphical reports that are in line with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Simple and efficient mapping process with a minimum of time and resources
  • Configurable IT data visualization tools, IoT dashboard with alerts and notifications 
  • Integrates Teltonika (Blue coin mov) Cellular modem & dashboard software 
  • Integration with cold-chain applications for Teltonika blue puck id

Ripples Iot India - Teltonika cold chain monitoring dashboard software solutions

Compliance: The wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  temperature sensors have GDP and HACCP compliance. EN12830-compliant devices are also available to meet European standards.

Accurate Datalog: The BLE temperature sensors log the date on temperature and humidity on a real-time basis at short intervals of 15-30 seconds. The data accuracy type of +/- 0.3 Degree Celsius and +/-2% RH

Temperature: BLE temperature sensors operating range of -30 Degrees Celsius to 70 Degrees Celsius

Humidity: Humidity operating range of 0-100% RH

Coldchain monitoring solutions – Easy to deploy, reliable, long battery life. Bluetooth to Cellular connectivity is available

Easy Configuration: The sensor dashboard application is easy to configure and can be deployed within a few hours.

Mobility: The cold chain sensors and IOT application is engineered to be responsive to mobile devices. Alerts can be accessed from anywhere on mobile devices.

Instant Alerts: Instant mobile alerts can be set using an easily installable application.

Ideal for Ripples-FMS Teltonika dashboard for warehouse monitoring, and inventory management software, Teltonika coldchain monitoring solutions can be deployed at places where the temperature is critical and the insights gained from the solution can be used for redesigning the facility or for preventive maintenance exercises.

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