Teltonika IOT dashboard software

Dashboard solutions for Teltonika GPS devices

Add measurement functions to your existing Teltonika FMB920 and other GPS devices using our expertise in building cloud-enabled dashboard alerts, notifications & reports. New insights mean more data points for informed decision-making. Empower shopfloor managers to take spot decisions that have an impact on productivity. We provide ready to deploy dashboard solutions on the edge gateway, Cold chain, temperature, humidity & pressure monitoring, and vibration/tilt detection tools. 

Ripples IOT for anomaly detection solutions – An all in a box, the integrated kit comprising of retrofit, wireless mesh sensors, edge gateway, device management tools, and  data visualization software with alerts and notifications. Get to know about abnormal temperature levels, cold chain in standard equipment, tracking of moving assets, inventory, etc through our condition monitoring sensors, anomaly detection & data visualisation software tools.

Bring intelligence to your warehousing and supply chain operations. Save on spoilage and wastage of perishable goods being stored and transported in trucks and containers. Measure tilt, fuel consumption, temperature, humidity and other parameters while monitoring vaccines, marine and other sensitive cargo. 

IOT dashboard for current monitoring, equipment utilisation monitoring, scheduling maintenance, changing consumables.

Factory monitoring, condition monitoring sensors, Grafana dashboard from Ripples IOT. Data visualisation software, factories, warehouses

Environment monitoring for air quality, Volatile organic compounds, CO2 levels – The environment monitoring solution provides data from our wireless sensor devices data from the data visualization software can be pushed into BMS solutions using Modbus or BACnet protocol for further action

Teltonika, bluetooth beacon data visualization software tools

Our Teltonika bluetooth temperature probe sensor for cold chain monitoring  solutions can be deployed on Edge gateway devices warehouses and supply chain providers to have immediate information on the updates from the integrated GPS devices that measure critical inputs from the trucks on field.

Looking beyond the condition monitoring sensors, Teltonika dashboard, and data visualization software? Well, we can push the data onto your manufacturing suite such as Kepware, or to your corporate cloud storage for predictive analytics purposes. Read about our integrated software for shopfloor monitoring

Not all industrial equipment have data visualization capabilities, We have the competency to integrate data from RS-485 compatible temperature & humidity sensors, Teltonika  FMB series for cold chain monitoring and other industrial devices to show the visualized data on dashboard, the data stored on the Edge gateway device. The connectivity can either be using WiFi or 2G / 4G connectivity.

Teltonika fmb device for cold chain with dashboard software and bluetooth sensors

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