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Smart logistics in mining & construction
  • 11% Annual Increase in Truck utilization
  • 97% Invoice Completion at the end of each financial year
  • 7% increase in average truck revenues
  • All in one logistics platform used by large logistics providers
  • Allows customers to log in to their account and have full visibility of shipments
  • Continuously track raw materials through the construction logistics cycle
  • Extend value addition to your retail, distribution and manufacturing clients
  • Integrated cargo monitoring, eCommerce, customer portal & physical distancing solutions



Supply chain logistics visibility solutions from Ripples IoT - truck utilisation, invoice completion, Logistics software, distribution, retail, manufacturing industries

Today we are going to talk about the customer portal for logistics, which provides value addition to the vendor as well as the customer. Using modern concepts such as digital twin, the solution is able to provide forward integration to their customers in manufacturing, retail, and distribution. Learn about ways to improve logistics management

The integrated software for logistics management comprises of physical distancing technology, logistics tracking tags, and the related hardware devices which can run on batteries for 10 years.

Deployment of our IOT warehouse logistics visibility solution is relatively easy and cost-effective, as they do not require any form of electrical wiring or network cabling. Hence, it offers the lowest positioning cost / square meter accuracy for mining industry

Cargo logistics software for truck utilization, distribution & retail visibility

Retail and distribution centers can share information on partially filled orders, inventory count, goods in transit to plan shipment and procurement.  The indoor air quality, storage conditions, rack utilization aspects will ensure the goods are stored in an optimal environment and easily located when needed.

Tracking of goods with 360-degree visibility also ensures that you have low cases of theft, abuse, & pilferage in construction sites. Improve truck utilization, invoice completion to ensure steady cash flow during market downturns, as we are globally facing now.

News updates
  • 9th November 2019: Sunline logistics China deploy Ripples-FMS for Africa region
  • 12th December 2019: TCM logistics is live with Ripples-FMS for their global operations
  • 2nd February 2020: Full-fledged operations in the East Africa region for IOT & ERP
  • Webinar April 2020 – Smart logistics – Attendees from APAC, Africa & Europe
  • May 2020 – Physical distancing technology for mining & construction
  • May 2020 – Noncontact attendance monitoring for workforce safety
  • June 2020 – Supply chain visibility and customer login portal

logistics platform software

Ripples-FMS is the software solutions arm of Ripples IOT Pte ltd and has been providing supply chain logistics visibility solutions in the Asia Pacific and Africa regions. The cloud-based construction & mining logistics software solution offers a mix of modules for fleet management, operational excellence, claims management, operations control, warehouse optimization, workshop inventory, tire management, fuel management, invoicing, and a versatile customer portal. The supply chain visibility solution is being used by leading logistics providers, a few having 2000+ own trucks in operation. Read about Operational efficiency in logistics

Call us to know more about our workforce tracking,  integrated software, and digital twin solutions for IOT warehouse logistics visibility.

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