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SoftBank & Ripples IOT

Softbank RipplesIOT ; Digital twins ; shop floor monitoring ; factory inventory, asset tracking. hospital workflow. Logistics & warehouse management solutionsRipples MOU with Softbank

An MOU of understanding has been signed between Softbank Japan’s Global strategy division and Ripples IOT Pte ltd for cooperation in the field of deployment of Industrial Internet of things (IIOT) solutions, comprising of wireless sensors, gateways & cloud-ready monitoring software.

Softbank’s affiliated companies will take part in the role of sales activity in cooperation with Softbank to sell the products and solutions offered by Ripples IOT Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered company, with ready to deploy solutions in indoor inventory tracking, asset monitoring, and environmental monitoring.

The Softbank RipplesIOT MOU will cater to the automation needs of industries in manufacturing, supply chain logistics, warehousing, and healthcare. The Digital Twins can be deployed in a wireless manner to improve shop floor productivity and optimize inventory levels.

Ripples IOT is a consulting and deployment company, the global arm of Software Associates Info Tech Pvt Ltd, founded in 1991 by experts in the field of engineering and management. In the year 2014, RipplesIOT started with Internet of things (IOT) solutions wing for industrial monitoring, Indoor positioning, inventory tracking, data visualization and anomaly detection using globally accepted open source technologies.

SoftBank Japan are Embarking on a new stage of the Information Revolution with a “Beyond Carrier” strategy. Softbank aspires to be a company that contributes to society by providing innovative services across a range of industries,
going beyond the realms of conventional telecommunications carrier business models.

Softbank RipplesIOT MOU signed at Singapore

The Softbank RipplesIOT MOU will provide an opportunity to deliver Industrial automation solutions to businesses in the Asia Pacific regions.

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