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Smart logistics & supply chain visibility

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RipplesIOT is pleased to announce the successful deployment of Smart logistics 4.0 and logistics ERP software solutions for a leading freight logistics provider based out of East Africa.

Our solution involved integrating the cloud-enabled logistics software, supply chain visibility solutions, customer self-service portal, fleet management, tracking devices and invoicing systems. The logistics-4.0 solution comprises of smart devices, 4G enabled inventory trackers, gateways, data visualization tools, and ERP software that gives the industry a 360 view of operations.

As an example, our customer, who is transforming into a smart logistics provider is now able to offer value-added services to their clients, who are in the manufacturing and warehousing industries. The raw material components are stored at the bonded warehouses in trolleys, which are filled with bins according to shipments from supplier and production demands. Using an intelligent inventory group tracking concept, the production department is now able to schedule the shifts accordingly. The production team is able to visualise the status of trolleys being filled up, as an when the inventory fills up through shipment from component manufacturers globally.

Besides, the 10,000 sq feet factory warehouse deployed our wireless Indoor positioning system to locate raw materials and production flow with 5 meter accuracy and that improved the staff productivity immensely, as many a time, wrong products were sent to the shopfloor, apart from the tendency to misplace inventory, tools or removing them without approval slips.

Smart logistics & warehouse inventory optimization

Inside the production floor, the logistics operator had provided intelligent storage racks that detect filled and empty slots, which improved the warehouse inventory utilisation and shopfloor monitoring using a digital twin.


The 4G enabled tracking ensured the constant monitoring safe journey of sensitive and high-value cargo from the seaport to the bonded warehouse and the need to store them at optimal temperature and humidity. Realtime logistics-4.0 dashboards were provided to the operations managers to monitor these transit conditions on a 24 x 7 basis.

Smart Logistics,  warehouse monitoring & Logistics ERP software

Often, in the case of high value and perishable goods, food, beverages, life-saving vaccines etc, there is also the need to monitor the storage environment. CO2, Indoor Air Quality, Ambient light, Volatile Organic Compounds, Temperature, Relative humidity can also be monitored and the abnormal values sent as e.mail or text messages.

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