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Bringing differentiation in healthcare services

Smart hospital digital twin solutions – Digital twin hospital solutions are poised to play an important role in the digital transformation of healthcare, on multiple levels. By creating a digital twin of a hospital, hospital administrators, doctors and nurses can obtain real-time insights into patient health and workflows. One of the easiest ways to improve the patient experience is to reduce patient wait times. According to surveys most of the practitioners haven’t recently changed processes to reduce patient wait times.  Hospital Digital twin use cases help patients to visualize their queue position in real-time, so that they can manage their time accordingly.

Hospital digital twin solutions

Patients are also able to make appointments knowing the peak times within the hospital as per previous patient visit trends. Healthcare staff can digitally visualize patient clogging within various departments like registration, doctor-waiting area, and pharmacy, and take timely actions. Patient wait time tracking and hospital workforce tracking can be enabled using digital twins. This ensures patients are not misguided within the hospital and move as per the process. Workforce tracking ensures hospital staff stick to their assigned healthcare workflows and thus ensure optimum productivity. Unauthorized access to any kind of ‘no-go zones’ is alerted by the digital twin system to the operations personnel in real-time which ensures increased safety within the hospital premises.

In regulated industries such as healthcare, there is a need for accurate and reliable environmental monitoring tools. Conditions such as temperature, indoor air quality, humidity, and pressure need to be optimized within the hospital premises. Maintaining the right environmental conditions is a concern for patient safety and is applicable in areas such as operation theatres, inpatient rooms, pharmacy storage, ICU, and so on. Read about surgical workflow tracking.

Right environmental conditions also help to maintain the increased longevity of medicines. Programmed devices help to track the current environment levels using digital twins and alert the operations personnel in case of any vulnerable deviations in set standards.

Digital twin hospital, improving patient experience

What can a digital twin hospital do for the patient? Digital twin hospital solutions also monitor the different zones in hospitals to ensure that staff, visitors, and patients follow safe distancing norms. Indoor positioning systems will help ascertain the number of people within a particular department and identify the routes followed by an infectious patient, and the people with whom they had close contact which helps in infection tracing. Digital twin-enabled occupancy detection mechanisms to help identify the locations that are not properly utilized and detect people occupancy such as doctor/ nurse availability within the department, patient occupancy, etc.

Medical equipment tracking and monitoring is another area where the digital twin comes in, apart from facilities management. Different levels of medical staff use different kinds of hand-held equipment that need to be traced for timely patient processing. Also, unauthorized usage of the equipment needs to be tracked for improper utilization that can cause device damage. Healthcare Digital Twin also ensures the usage of equipment as per the billed status and avoids improper usage. Hospitals can assign equipment to relevant zones and get alerted if the equipment breaches their assigned locations, improving hospital preventive maintenance tracking, Enabling hospital digital twin improves operational efficiency and preventive maintenance scheduling to lower the cost of repairs. Know about the benefits of CMMS

Hospital digital twin solutions & facilities management

Medical wearable technology is reaching its majority whereby doctors can monitor patient health status in real-time using wearable devices. Conditions such as BP, pulse, temperature, sugar, physical activities, and even patient falls along with a lot of parameters are getting monitored using digital twins that ensure patient safety and better clinical decisions, besides reducing patient wait times.

A digital twin is a digital replica of the tools, people, processes, and systems that businesses employ. In healthcare systems, digital twins are utilized to build digital representations of healthcare data, such as hospital environments, lab results, human physiology, etc. through computer models

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