Shop floor insights

shop floor insights for productivity. IoT Platform for indoor positioning

Ripples retrofit track & monitor solutions for warehouse & factory shop floor insights, enabling location tracking & monitoring of shopfloor inventory, assets & environment conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity & G-force.

In the case of large industrial layouts that spans 20,000 sq feet and above in the case of warehouse, factory, shipyard, workshop or construction site, the shop floor insights from tracking solutions can help in locating the movement of workforce and assets, while the indoor monitoring solutions can give shop floor insights regarding temperature & humidityOur Indoor tracking and monitoring solutions are integrated in the Bluetooth mesh network infrastructure developed by Wirepas, the scale of deployments, simplest to install and the most competitive on the market for warehouse & factory shop floor insights

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A wireless deployment in a workshop can help track inventory, equipment repair workflow, worker productivity, physical distancing safety, knowledge tracking & grouped activities.

Shop floor insights using retrofit deployment

Logistics, manufacturing, mining, shipping industries have the need to track and monitor thousands of objects – moving and stationary in the course of the day to day operations. For the commercial construction industry, it could be about track & trace of forklifts, cranes, drills etc to ensure timely production, storage, and environment. Implementing Digital twin solutions would improve the asset visibility and increase transparency among supplier partners, especially in manufacturing & distribution.By integration retrofit shopfloor monitoring solutions such as data visualization tools,  operations team can generate reports for insights on productivity, safety, compliance, knowledge management etc

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