Benefits of the shared economy using IoT

IOT solutions for sharing economy in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics

Improve collaboration to reduce costs

The IoT solutions for shared economy model of digital twin is also known as the collaborative economy, especially in industries such as healthcare logistics, where sharing of operational data, managing just in time inventory would help safe lives. The concept is based on pooling and exchanging services, resources, goods, time, knowledge and skills. Currently going through a strong expansion, the sharing economy privileges horizontal organizations and structures rather than vertical and hierarchical ones. It has economic cornerstones such as the reduction of expenses and the limitation or elimination of intermediaries. Still, it strongly relies on social and ecological values and it’s also based on the belief that using is more important than owning or possessing.

Shared economy

Procurement, inventory levels, dispatches, deliveries, arrivals and duration, and storage environment condition parameters shared from Warehouse inventory tags will enhance the information flow between suppliers and manufacturers.

This will help just-in-time inventory, production planning, and supply chain visibility in the system

Connected health Worker

By deploying worker safety tracking in healthcare logistics and supply chain industries, one can remotely monitor their staff’s activities to enhance productivity and improve patient safety through improved collaboration. Use our iot starter kit to discover.

This will also help ease the administrative overheads related to attendance monitoring, computing working hours, safe distancing, mandatory medical checks, etc.

IOT Solutions for shared economy Healthcare

Digital twin in healthcare – Sharing inpatient and outpatient operation flow matrices can help improve the collaboration between medical departments, especially in large institutions, where queue management, resource availability, and medical information sharing play a critical role in ensuring patient safety, staff productivity, and compliance.

IOT solutions for sharing economy model deployment

Our Indoor positioning systems solution supports the concept of the shared economy digital twin model in a secure environment for businesses in the value chain the exchange information that helps all parties in the healthcare ecosystem network. These modern practices will help remove inefficiencies in the system, improve profitability, and enhance the patient experience.

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Shared economy in healthcare logistics