The Best Iot solutions at Sensors exposition


SensorsExpo , Indoor positioning systems, Sensor data visualisation tools.

Ripples IOT Pte Ltd attends the SensorsExpo to be held in San Jose, California on a yearly basis We will be meeting our partners and suppliers to interact and understand wireless sensors for asset monitoring, building automation, and like applications, to integrate and build cloud and on-premise solutions for healthcare, shipping, warehousing, hospital digital twin solutions, and construction industries in Singapore.

Sensors Expo & Conference is the largest gathering of engineers and engineering professionals involved in sensors and sensing-related technologies. For over 30 years, more than 6,400 professionals gather from across the nation and 40+ countries to explore today’s sensor technologies and find the solutions to tomorrow’s sensing challenges. The event usually hosts 300+ exhibitors on the Expo Floor, leading experts from the industry in the most comprehensive sensor-focused Conference Program, and unparalleled Event Features and Networking Opportunities. 

We will be showcasing solutions such as Sensor data visualisation tools, IoT starter kit, IOT platform for asset tracking, Teltonika Cold chain solutions etc.

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Duleep Sahadevan - Founder and director at Ripples. Bringing nearly 7 years of expertise in understand and building technology solutions for Industry 4.0