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Sensor data visualization tools with inbuilt widgets

On premise and cloud iot data platform. Straightforward data analysis style, simplifying the daily data processing with visual data. Better control over the performance of the industrial devices as the data from the wired and wireless devices can be monitored in real-time from anywhere across the globe, reducing security challenges in MQTT visualization

Customizable iot dashboard & data visualization tools

Each decision-level dashboard can be customized to present the most valuable and useful set of information, allowing each person to see the level of detail that they need in order to get their job done and meet their goals using IOT sensor data visualisation tools for factories and warehouses.

Real-time updates data visualization tools for iot

SensorVision delivers insightful IOT dashboards for sensor data visualisation, with comprehensive multi-layered data allowing managers to make faster and more informed decisions. Unveil new business opportunities by comparing the real-time data to the historic data for growth and development with data visualization in IOT.

Ripples IOT dashboard for sensor data visualisation tools ;

SensorVision is IOT sensor data visualization tool for productivity & cost savings

Savings in productivity cost: – With Ripple’s SensorVision IOT platform, you get a broader image of the productivity of your assets with all the data points visualized on the customizable dashboard. It also sends alerts based on the criteria set by you for the levels of humidity, temperature, or GPS. According to a report by DHL, companies can save up to $1.2 Trillion on productivity costs using iot data analytics and visualization tools.

Anomaly detection: –  The IOT sensor data visualisation tool gives a holistic view of the working conditions of your machinery/work area in real-time. You can choose the metric for different variables for data visualization, which helps in accessing the working condition of your assets on a real-time basis thus helping you stay proactive in asset maintenance. According to McKinsey, it helps you reduce equipment maintenance costs by up to 40% and equipment capital investment by 3-5%  using data visualization in internet of things tools. 

Enterprise-grade support & data visualization for IOT applications

Our skills in firmware development help you to integrate sensors and devices into our IOT platform as a service, for sensor data visualisation, enabling faster time to market; removing a technical dependency. Unlike iot dashboard open source, SensorVision IoT Platform as a services provides continued updates. iot platform open source solutions do not provide the required security or secure hosting.

Ripples IOT - Indoor positioning systems - smart manufacturing South Africa

Smart manufacturing deriving value with iot dashboard

IOT data visualization tools – High-efficiency REDA ESP pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps used in a wide range of applications, both in the oil industry and beyond. In addition to typical oil, water, and brine production, they are used for booster service, ballast transfer, water floods, direct injection, cavern storage, mine dewatering, fire protection, irrigation, and commercial water systems. These high-efficiency pumps are highly expensive due to the nature of their application. The client wanted to receive insights on the pumps which were lying idle at the warehouse without being used at oil wells and similar sites. 

This data on the utilization of these pumps is highly valuable to Schlumberger as pumps lying idly at the warehouse directly translated into revenue loss for this organization. The data received from Ripples Indoor Positioning beacons are used to receive insights on such revenue losses, and help the management devise plans for optimal utilization of these pumps, resulting in improved revenues from this vertical.

IOT platform. hospital staff tracking

SensorVision smart warehouse monitoring with iot data dashboard

Sustainable and modern methods of warehouse management are here to stay and technology has been fuelling this trend in Singapore and other advanced economies. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for smarter and cost effective ways of increasing their storage efficiency. SensorVision is an IOT platform that has been engineered to cope with such needs by making data accessible for business intelligence, from an array of sensors devices comfortably available in the market.

SensorVision IOT platform for sensor data visualization promises to help supply chain logistics regulate and maintain efficient storage and inventory, management models. Historic data and environment conditions can also be correlated to gain insights into traffic movement, worker safety, and equipment tracking. 

SensorVision sensor visualization can also aid with the efficient utilization of worker productivity. We work with NUS to build effective use cases best suited for the industry.


SensorVision IOT platform for connected objects


Ripples IOT indoor positioning systems for Schlumberger marine production inventory tracking

Denmark Technical University

SensorVision IOT platform for connected objects data visualisation


NUS - Ripples IOT - Indoor location tracking in construction, warehouse industries

What is sensor data visualization tools in IoT ? SensorVision is ready to deploy, an IOT sensor data visualization software tool, with an easy-to-integrate rule engine for alerts, a data analytics dashboard, and API services to access third-party device data for Smart Industry 4.0 dashboard applications. The IoT Platform as a service can be customized and deployed on-premise, public, or private cloud hosting. Readily solving sensor data dashboard & data visualization in the internet of things: tools, methodologies, and challenges for factories & warehouses. Reduce time spend in supervisory, and monitoring activities using our ready-to-deploy sensor alerts and notifications, and sensor data analytics software.

SensorVision Scalability on premise & cloud

How do IoT sensors collect data? The ability of our platform to enable integrations with all Microcontroller-based IOT devices in the market to push the sensor data to the cloud through MQTT or HTTP integration, making Sensorvison an IOT platform and data visualisation tool for now and for the future.

Trigger alerts and notifications, key features

Define data processing rules and set suitable thresholds for the applications to help users receive notifications on real-time sensor data, and alerts when predefined thresholds have been crossed, which can reach anywhere, everyone, in a timely manner with the most accurate information.

Encryption. authorization. access control

Role-based access levels prevent users from seeing data they shouldn’t see. A few more are to be added. The platform provides secure APIs for integration with other client devices like mobile applications and other custom-built applications.

SensorVision IOT sensor data visualisation tools helps in improving revenues

Adds value to current services: – With the SensorVision IOT Platform for sensor data visualisation, the quality of service provided by your company takes a step forward, unlocking multiple insightful values which can help your business practices. For Example – Other than just providing space in your warehouse to your clients, now you can provide additional services of ensuring the product is stored at a specified environmental condition. Alerts would be sent in case the temperature or humidity from internet of things devices reach below/above the desired figure. Thus, helps you earn more with just a one-time investment.

Enhances your Business’s Image: – As we know, Word of mouth is a very strong means of attracting new customers in many industries. Healthcare is one of such areas where patients tend to choose a hospital depending upon suggestions from their acquaintances. With IOT sensors and dashboard, you are able to maintain a healthy and clean environment in your hospitals and work while keeping the costs low, which portrays a nice image of your business (factories, warehouses, cold chain, manufacturing), thus helping attract new customers through word of mouth.

Enhances produce quality: – SensorVision IOT data analytics tool helps improve productivity starting by keeping constant track of the budding produce in farms to analyze customer buying behavior in malls keeping track of environmental conditions and enhancing security both at manufacturing units as well as user touchpoints. It even helps in easy expansions by offering multi-user features thus increasing the possibilities of revenue generation.

What is data visualization in IoT? Internet of things sensors can help as well. For example, Temperature and humidity, pressure, and Air Quality sensors integrated into SensorVision IOT platform can send alerts when people enter an occupied work zone. If there is no room, they are redirected quickly to another location.  These types of alerts can help shop floor workers follow the best practice of ensuring extra space around key personnel. Some smart factory systems provide extra protection for workers like “boiler operator, biomedical engineer, wastewater treatment engineer, lead electricians, maintenance.”

 IOT data dashboard, Industrial sensor data visualization tools

Factories are trying low-tech and high-tech solutions for remote monitoring. indoor positioning solutions are an example of such a technology enabler that can be deployed without the need for any external wiring. Smart industry 4.0 solutions from  SensorVision IOT platform for sensor data visualization python make it possible. Data visualization in the internet of things: tools, methodologies, and challenges are solved using our robust dashboard solutions which can integrate wired and wireless sensors from leading vendors such as ELA Blue T, Teltonika Blue Puck, Wirepas mesh, Ruuvi, ESP32 Bluetooth beacons, etc.

SensorVision IOT platform

Eases day-to-day working: – The IoT platform eases your day-to-day working. You do not have to individually keep a check on your asset’s working conditions or worry about your work area’s environmental concerns. You can even compare the productivity of different assets with customized data visualization, which helps save time and reduces human errors.

Gives a sense of security: – Only the assigned users by the authorities will have access to the critical data from the IOT sensors, thus adding security and maintaining data privacy eliminating data tampering or data divulging worries.

Easy-to-use User Interface: – Starting from farmers to huge retail outlets, SensorVision helps enhance productivity and generate revenue by displaying a visual depiction of the data with an easy-to-use interface, which can be easily adopted throughout 24*7 customer services available.

Call us to know more about our iot application, which used visual data sources, pie charts, data analytics data streams, line graphs, machine learning algorithms, bar charts, and iot data visualization tools for data collected actionable insights with data driven time series representation in iot dashboard.

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