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I0T monitoring sensor dashboard solutions

Remote industrial IoT monitoring sensor dashboard solutions – Plant and machinery maintenance are not just for the process of critical equipment anymore. Our wireless industrial remote monitoring and tracking kit is the perfect device to monitor machine parameters and surface temperature cost-efficiently from tens, hundreds, or thousands of rotating equipment, such as pumps, motors, and compressors. Devices such as Zigbee mesh, ELA Blue T, Wirepas, Ruuvi, Teltonika, Blue coin MOV, ESP32 are supported for Indoor positioning IOT platform solutions.

Detect early signs before those become problems

Abnormal vibrations, abuse, or high temperatures caused by component imbalance, misalignment, wear, or improper use of equipment are early indicators of machine failure. Through the data gathered and calculated by the remote monitoring Industrial Node, these irregularities can now be detected without the need for expensive wired equipment or going from machine to machine to gather data with handheld devices.

From Zigbee mesh to any cloud or on-premise Edge gateway

IOT remote industrial monitoring solutions operate in a wireless mesh network. Devices send data directly or via other devices to Gateways that connect the mesh of devices to any cloud platform over a wired or wireless network. Data is always available in the cloud for review and further analysis. As fully wireless and battery-operated, these Industrial Nodes are easy to deploy to new or retrofit existing machinery. Key configuration parameters can be easily managed from the cloud remotely. Industrial lift monitoring is an example.

IOT Remote industrial monitoring sensor dashboard solutions – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do the RipplesIoT wireless remote monitoring IoT solutions do

A. RipplesIOT retrofits Bluetooth sensor modules can enable asset intelligence to your legacy equipment, production, and storage facilities.

Q. What do you mean by asset intelligence

A. Asset intelligence means, providing additional machine information on shopfloor equipment and the operating environment

Q. Can you provide any other industries where the industrial remote monitoring IOT kits can be put to effective use?

A. We have built use cases and dashboards for outdoor and indoor farm monitoring, industrial warehouse monitoring, cold chain management, indoor air quality, production inventory workflow, etc.

Q. Does the dashboard provide real-time updates using the factory condition monitoring system

A. Yes, our remote monitoring dashboard has up-to-date information based on the transmission frequency configured on the sensor devices at the time of installation 

Fault detection in equipment, such as pump, motor, and compressor

Q. What information & functions are provided as part of Ripples IOT Indoor location monitoring

A. Functions can include information such as vibration, CO2 levels, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, 6-axis motion, tilt, noise levels, ambient light, air quality, room occupancy, technician visits etc in workshop indoor tracking.

Q. How can this solution of your help in reducing repair and maintenance

A. Prevention is better than cure. The cost of breakdowns and nonscheduled maintenance do cost money to upset the operating budgets of factories. Using our machine data dashboards and data visualization tools, shop floor managers will easily be able to monitor equipment utilization, and detect anomalies in equipment behavior, which in turn allows them to take proactive measures, examples include pallet and forklift tracking.

Q. What are the key features of the dashboard

A. The versatile dashboard provides instant values from various sensor functions, alerts on abnormal values, graphs, and charts based on daily or specified date ranges, email notifications, fault detection, etc in production planning monitoring.

A. Which devices are supported by your IOT sensor data visualization tools?

A. We have integrated devices from many vendors. A few of the reliable ones are ELA Blue T, Blue Puck MOV, Teltonika, Wirepas & Ruuvi,. ESP32

Q. We are not sure about the real benefits of industrial monitoring solutions. Is there a starter kit available

A. Great. You can speak to our online representatives and ask for the pricing of our IOT asset tracking starter kits

Q. Explain the steps involved in the installation of your industrial monitoring IOT solutions

A. Site inspection, understanding the requirements on machine data collection, configuration sensors and dashboards, understanding analytics needs, deployment of sensor modules, calibration, test run and go live in construction site safety tracking.

IOT Remote industrial monitoring sensor dashboard in factories

Q. What sort of hardware devices do you use to deploy the gateway and device management software

A. Our retrofit wireless monitoring solutions can be deployed on Dell EMC Edge gateway devices. Using HDMI cables, the dashboard can be shown the information on TV screens for warehouse inventory management.

Q. Huh. Is the data on the cloud? We are worried about security and privacy as we operate in a restricted zone.

A. Our remote industrial monitoring dashboard solutions can be deployed on-premise edge gateway devices and would not require an internet connection unless you want the data on your enterprise cloud storage.

Q. I have more than one piece of equipment to be condition monitored. How is that possible

A. Our remote monitoring IOT sensor modules need to be installed on each of the equipment to enable regular data exchange

Q. So this gadget of yours sounds like a Fitbit for legacy equipment.

A. That is true. Retrofit IOT solutions provide Vital statistics of your legacy equipment that will be constantly transmitted for your operations and monitoring teams to take action.

Q. Our production area of operation is expanse and spreads over 100,000 square meters

A. We use a highly secure wireless mesh network based on Wirepas, that interconnects all our sensor modules and the coverage can be into acres. The mesh technology also provided redundancy in the network

Q. Our legacy equipment has RS 485 ports. Can we pull data onto your dashboard to provide an integrated view

A. Yes, it is possible to connect our sensor modules to industry-standard interfaces such as RS 485, BACNet and ModBus

Q. Please give examples of equipment on which RipplesIOT retrofit solutions can be implemented.

Equipment utilization monitoring – Forklifts, cranes, CNC machines, Lathes, Compressors, exhaust pumps, Power gensets, Laboratory equipment, Mixers, Grinders, chemical pumps, agitators, blowers, centrifuges, coaters, cooling towers, dryers, heat exchangers, metal detractors, ovens, pulverizers, tablet press, Sifters, spray machines, liquid tanks, etc

Q.Tell me about various industries where your industrial condition monitoring can be deployed

A. Chemical factories, semiconductor, engineering industries, warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing, public utility spaces, hotels, airports, etc

Q. Which all countries can you ship the product and what about warranty and support

A. We have engineered the solution with diagnostic tools to ensure self-service. We ship globally and the products are warranted for 2 years. Read about cost of indoor positioning systems.

SensorVision India - IOT platform, data visualisation tools, dashboard for ELA innovation sensors and beacons

Data visualization tools

Q. We already have a few process data running in a manufacturing suite, can you integrate and push the condition monitoring data to the same?

A. Our engineers have developed data flow management nodes through which the condition monitoring data can be pushed to popular manufacturing suites like KepWare or ThingWorx. Read about Ruuvi dashboard.

Q. Can we set rule-based alerts from your remote industrial monitoring dashboard system?

A. Yes, it is possible to define alert rules for each of the parameters to be tracked, alerts could be sent to multiple persons, especially inventory tracking, etc.