The best Ruuvi dashboard to visualise IoT data

Ruuvi dashboard software solutions with Ripples IoT dashboards to visualize IoT data

Ruuvi dashboard to Visualise IoT data

For an easy-to-deploy cold chain monitoring solution, you will need only one or a few Ruuvi sensors and Ruuvi dashboard , and sensor data visualization software. Ruuvi wireless sensors send measurement data, which can be integrated to provide alerts and notifications, via Bluetooth for standalone applications. Our Ruuvi sensor data visualization tools to visualize IoT data, Ruuvi gateway, Ruuvi mesh sensors, and cloud subscription. This ensures constant environmental conditions in applications such as greenhouse monitoring, safety monitoring of medicines and vaccines and wine cellar temperature monitoring.

Ruuvi dashboard on mesh network

By integrating Ruuvi mesh solutions, it is now possible to deploy indoor monitoring solutions to measure temperature, and humidity, you will get all the best features with Ruuvi  sensors and  Gateway. The Gateway routes the sensors’ data to the SensorVision Cloud Cloud plan, which enables smart device data management. SensorVision enables remote monitoring via the Internet with trusted email alerts, notifications, and history. With the Ruuvi Wirepas network, you will also get a longer Bluetooth range for your sensors. The Ruuvi mesh sensor network works with your own Internet connection

Ruuvi sensors for greenhouse monitoring using IoT

Fertilize your greenhouse plants, water them regularly, and ensure proper conditions in the greenhouse with the help of Ruuvi mesh solutions. With these tips, you will have a rich harvest. Optimizing greenhouse conditions is one of the most important things you can do to increase the harvest from your greenhouse plants. When you closely monitor the temperature in your greenhouse through SensorVision alerts and notifications, you can already start growing crops in the early spring and collect your harvests well into the autumn using IoT dashboards for indoor farms.

Ruuvi dashboard to visualise IoT data

In order for the premium wines to mature, they should remain at a temperature of about 12 °C , and at least between 10 °C and 16 °C . If the wine bottles have traditional cork, the humidity should be somewhere between 65% to 75% so that the cork does not dry out and damage the wine, and does not cause the bottle to become moldy.

To preserve the top-of-the-shelf wine for a long period of time, you must store it at an optimal temperature and air humidity. If you want to store the wine collections long-term, it’s worth creating a suitable space for the wine bottles. The space should remain at a low temperature, be humid and dark and have the possibility of storing wine horizontally. A wine cellar is best suited for this task, but for smaller quantities, it is possible to use wine shelves or cabinets. The space should be dark so that sunlight doesn’t spoil the wine’s inherent aging. Your collection of wine bottles should be stored horizontally so that the bottle cork is in constant contact with the liquid and thus does not dry out. If the cork in the wine bottle becomes too dry, it will allow oxygen to enter the wine bottle, which will ruin the taste of the wine. Ruuvi web dashboard solutions ensure that your wines are safe through the intruder detection system which can be fitted on the doors and windows.

Ruuvi sensors for safety monitoring of medicines and vaccines

Medicines or vaccines that require refrigeration must be kept in a sufficiently cool environment at all times. There are different instructions for different medicines, which can be found on the packaging of the medicine. With the Finnish wireless Ruuvi Tag thermometer, you can monitor the temperature of your medicine or vaccine fridge accurately and easily with sensor data visualization and ensure that the fridge does not get too warm during a possible power cut.

Medicines for which the packaging does not specifically advise refrigeration should not be stored in the pharmacy fridge. Only medicines that require either cold storage (2 °C to 6 °C or 36 °F to 43 °F) or cool storage (8 °C to 15°C or 46 °F to 59 °F) should be stored in the medicine fridge. Temperature control in medicine refrigerators must be maintained at all times to ensure that medicines do not lose their efficacy and become unusable. In pharmacy cold storage. it is particularly important to keep the temperature high enough to prevent the medicines and vaccines from freezing, as most medicines and vaccines spoil when frozen. Ease of deploying IoT dashboard is important to save costs.

Ripples IOT, SensorVision Ruuvi web sensor data visualization dashboard software for sensor alerts and notifications, Ruuvi mesh solutions for large-scale deployments in greenhouse monitoring, safety monitoring of medicines and vaccines

Ruuvi Sensors IoT dashboard solutions

Visualise iot data management on cloud.  The best Ruuvi sensor data visualization tool for implementing the Ruuvi sensor dashboard, which helps in ease of deployment, and low maintenance. Easily monitor environmental conditions in greenhouses, vineyards, wine cellars, pharmacies, and vaccine distribution centers.

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