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RipplesIPS Mesh Network for your smart factory

Given that RipplesIPS is a mesh network, here are some potential use cases for its deployment in a 100-acre smart factory campus:

Security and Surveillance

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection: Deploy RipplesIPS nodes along the perimeter fence to detect unauthorized access attempts. The mesh network ensures wider coverage and eliminates single points of failure compared to wired systems.
  • Surveillance: Integrate RipplesIPS nodes with security systems to enable real-time monitoring of critical areas and send alerts for suspicious activity. The mesh network facilitates wireless transmission of data from remote locations.
  • Access Control: Use RipplesIPS nodes to manage access to restricted areas by authenticating personnel and vehicles through BLE tags or other credentials. The mesh network allows for flexible placement of access points without relying on wired infrastructure.

Logistics and Operations in a smart factory

  • Asset Tracking: Attach RipplesIPS nodes to mobile assets like forklifts, pallets and carts to track their location and movement in real-time. This can improve operational efficiency and prevent asset loss.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Deploy RipplesIPS nodes to monitor temperature humidity, and other environmental factors in critical areas like storage facilities or production lines. The mesh network enables data collection from various locations without extensive cabling for measuring machine breakdown, MTBF etc
  • Repair & Maintenance: Utilize RipplesIPS nodes to collect RTLS device data from machinery and equipment, enabling preventive maintenance by identifying asset utilisation to improve machine uptime. The mesh network facilitates data collection from widely dispersed machinery.

Communication and Connectivity for smart factory

  • Industrial IoT (IIoT): RipplesIPS can serve as the backbone for connecting various RTLS devices like inventory tags, asset beacons, temperature sensors, actuators, and machines within the factory. The mesh network provides reliable and scalable communication even in areas with challenging signal conditions.
  • Emergency Response: Utilize RipplesIPS panic button to transmit emergency alerts and enable communication during critical situations like fires or medical emergencies.The mesh network guarantees message delivery even if some nodes are compromised.

Additional Considerations with RipplesIPS

  • Scalability: The mesh network architecture of RipplesIPS allows for easy expansion as the factory grows or its needs evolve.
  • Reliability: Mesh networks offer self-healing capabilities, ensuring continued operation even if individual nodes fail.
  • Security: Ensure that RipplesIPS implements robust security protocols to protect sensitive data transmitted across the network. Read more about RTLS in manufacturing

By understanding the specific needs and challenges (RTLS FAQ) of your 100 acre smart factory campus, you can choose the most relevant use cases for RipplesIPS and leverage its mesh network capabilities to improve security, operations, and communication within your facility

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Mr Srihari Acharya is head of Ripples IoT pte Ltd, RTLS solution sales in Bengaluru India. He brings over 6 years of experience and expertise in industrial automation solutions