The most innovative features and benefits of RipplesIPS RTLS

RipplesIPS RTLS software, realtime asset tracking system, indoor location tracking in hospitals, warehouses, factories

RipplesIPS offers Realtime asset tracking for warehouse monitoring, hospital patient tracking, and workflow tracking in factories. A few use case-based problems, solutions, features, and benefits are discussed here.

The ready-to-deploy realtime asset tracking solutions can be deployed and commissioned in days rather than months, whether it is an existing infrastructure or a greenfield project. Read FAQ for more information on indoor location tracking solutions.

Warehouse monitoring system with RipplesIPS realtime tracking

Stock taking for 10,000 pallets in our warehouse involves full time engagement for 10 operational staff

Deploying inventory tags on pallets will ensure that the pallet inventory is always updated on a real time basis

The location of the pallet inventory, arrival time, and previous location data will be available on the layout map.

Fewer resources needed for inventory stocktake, which can now be done on a monthly basis

Inventory stocktake involves shutting down the warehouse operations for a few days.

Since the inventory stocktake is always on a realtime basis, there is no need to shutdown the warehouse operations

Category based, real-time  inventory reports are available with location data

Saves time and money with the ability to run operations on a 24 x 7 x 365 days.

Inventory ageing analysis is near to impossible, as we need to send our people to each rack to track old inventory items

By attaching inventory tags on pallets, the entire journey of the pallets, from arrival to dispatch is now being recorded

The customer login portal will allow them to know the inventory management status, especially for those who are in manufacturing.

Saves back office resources and their time in responding to customer queries on the current status of their inventory pallets

We use analog devices to monitor cold chain parameters in our perishable food section.

The wireless, digital temperature humidity sensors allow remote monitoring of values on the dashboard

Regular alerts and notifications are sent out when the temperature and humidity values deviate from the prescribed norms.

Saves time in inspections, the audit logs can be used to certifications in warehouse monitoring.

Due to  manual clerical errors, often it takes up a lot of time to locate a pallet in the warehouse

The realtime asset tracking system for warehouses will transmit the indoor location of the pallet with up to 3 x 3 meter accuracy.

Find a pallet feature is available. A history of previous pallet locations, with entry and exit timings, is available.

Improves staff productivity, ensures timely dispatch of inventory items to clients and partners. Reduced truck waiting time.

The pallets are moved from one location to other in warehouse using forklifts. At times, during peak season, it becomes difficult to locate a forklift

Asset tracking devices can be fitted on the forklift to know their last reported location.

Find a forklift feature helps to quickly locate a mobile, unused equipment. There are indicators which denotes in use / not in use

Greatly improves forklift tracking, worker safety and utilization in warehouse monitoring.

We have a legacy inventory management software which does not have realtime location updates

Real-time location updates are integrated with our inventory management software, which is hosted on the cloud.

Inventory management and location updated are synchronised every hour. However an express update function ensures the location data is real-time.

Improves overall productivity, inventory accuracy, and compliance aspects in warehouse management. Enhances customer service

Ours is an old warehouse and installing new cables for deploying the realtime asset tracking system is complex

The realtime warehouse monitoring solution offered by RipplesIPS is completely wireless and easy to deploy

Battery powered mesh network gives a life of up to 10 years depending on the frequency of transmission.

Saves time and cost related to installation, electrical certification, and compliance.

Some of our customers run production houses and we need to dispatch pallets that are part of a specific BOM. At times mismatches happen

Grouping of pallets will help in tracking them together when moving from one location to the other

RipplesIPS has a function to group pallets so that they are not singled out at the time of delivery

Saves time in managing mismatched pallets. Enhances customer experience, business reputation.

Worker tracking is difficult to implement inside the warehouse

Permanent and temporary staff, contractors and visitors can be given smart tags (placed inside helmet)

Worker safety, no-go zones, fall detection function is integrated into RipplesIPS

Enhances lone worker productivity and safety in warehouses, apart from automated attendance monitoring.

Patient tracking, realtime Asset tracking in hospitals

Our expensive life saving equipments are hard to trace when needed in emergency wards

Real time asset tracking solutions in hospitals is the right solution to track medical equipment

Provides alerts and notifications when high value equipment moves between departments

Improve utilisation of equipment, reduce misuse and theft of high value assets in hospitals

We do not have a robust mechanism to measure patient waiting times

Patients can be provided with beacon devices or wrist tags to know their location

RipplesIPS sends alerts and notifications when the patient waiting times exceeds stipulated hours 

Understand departments with choke points, measure the time spent in outpatient departments.

As an orthopedic specialty hospital, we are unable to know how much time is spent by the patients in procedures.

Surgical departments can adopt a workflow monitoring solution which tracks the admitted patient from start to finish

Alerts and notifications can be sent to concerned departments if certain procedures take longer than expected time

Improves patient safety and patient experience. Enhances the reputation of the hospital

Tracking of nursing staff in emergency departments is often a matter of concern, as they are not reachable.

Emergency nursing staff can be given tracking tags to ascertain their movement.

Find a nurse, indoor location tracking feature helps in paging them during emergencies

Ensures timely availability of medical staff, and saves patient lives, besides helping in resource scheduling.

Realtime asset tracking & utilisation monitoring in factories

We are finding it cumbersome to track the utilisation various assets in our factories

Motion sensors can be deployed on plant and machinery in factories to know their usage

Provides indoor location coordinates and logged hours of equipment usage

Preventive maintenance schedules, repairs can be planned based on the usage data, which reduce equipment downtime

We are not able to effectively track the breakdowns of various equipment in our factory

BLE beacons & temperature sensors can be deployed on plant and machinery in factories to know whether they are in use

RipplesIPS can send alerts and notifications when equipment stops working as part of facilities management.

Saves cost and time, as breakdown of critical equipment could mean stoppage of production schedules

The factory track shop floor has 7 phases for the assembling of testing equipment. Unable to track the performance of different phases

The factory shop floor can be divided into 7 virtual zones to easily monitor the moment of production material and peopl

Configure alerts and notifications for each phase / zone based on KRA

Monitor the choke points in each zone and use the matrices to improve productivity.

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