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RFID solutions for asset tracking

Ripples-TagMatiks is the new generation RFID solutions software platform for data collection and analysis. At the heart of the platform is a core middleware software component that includes extensive reader management and enterprise-grade integration capabilities. In conjunction, there is a business suite of software applications to solve everyday business needs with workflows in warehouses, factories, laboratories, and retail stores with robust reporting and dashboard capabilities.

RFID solutions in cold chain 

Many times, a number of players may be involved in a food / cold supply chain to transport goods. To ensure the integrity of data between parties, an RFID temperature logger can be used as a medium to act as a chain of custody. In addition to logging temperature, it can be used as a unique identifier for a shipment and enable proof of delivery using rfid.

RFID solutions for healthcare

The ability to quickly trace your hospital surgical sets throughout their lifecycle is critical from an operational perspective. Passive RFID enabled solutions to provide automation in the management of workflows for surgical sets. These typically include receiving, sterilization/cleaning, inspection, auditing, replenishment, and shipping. 

Gain Valuable Insight, as data is collected to improve patient safety & delivering a positive experience, leveraging for business workflow automation. Quickly and accurately stores, pharmacy inventory items using RFID and understand exceptions right away. RFID technology can read many items in a single batch process cutting down on manual efforts. 

Ripples IOT - Laboratory reagent, test tracking

RFID solutions for inventory management

RFID tags are attached to lab equipment. A wide variety of options may be used depending on the item. For example, if dealing with liquid stored in bottles or test tubes, use the TagMatiks Flag RFID tag. If using instruments or equipment with metal composition, use the Metal RFID tags.

RFID tags are attached to hospital laboratory equipment. A wide variety of options may be used depending on the item. For example, if dealing with liquid stored in bottles or test tubes, use the flag RFID tag. If using instruments or equipment with metal composition, use the Ripples-TagMatiks On Metal RFID tags.

RFID deployment in Singapore

RFID tags that are laundry safe (depending on the version, different wash cycle ratings are available) are attached to scrubs and linens. Options typically include being able to heat seal, stitch or embed the RFID tag. The RFID tag also provides a unique identifier to the item so, from a healthcare safety, compliance & traceability perspective, you have serialization.


RFID solutions - Warehouse RFID inventory management

RFID in supply chain

Use the intelligent data provided by RFID tags to quickly and accurately procure warehouse inventory as soon as it is consumed. As each bin is tagged with a unique RFID tag, associate that bin number to your production or invoice inventory part numbers for simplified ordering.

Understand which bins are being consumed in a timely fashion to streamline minimum and maximum quantities of inventory. For an excess inventory, have solidified data to demonstrate turn rates and take appropriate business actions.

RFID tags, software solutions

Check-in/checkout processes with RFID software. Cut down on time required to complete the process and pull reports for overdue equipment. Use TagMatiks RFID to quickly, efficiently, and accurately conduct cycle counts and audits. Bulk scan RFID tags to cut down on manual counting efforts. Understand variances right away and take action.

RFID in manufacturing – work in progress tracking

As you tag your work in progress goods with RFID tags, understand key product movement. Use dashboard features to call see where items currently are located, the amount of time they are spending at that stage and even if a key step was not completed. As you collect data with RFID, understand chokepoints in your manufacturing process. If products are being delayed during a specific step, take correction right away.

RFID starter kit

Ready to deploy RFID starter kit solutions for Warehouse assets, Kanban cage, work in progress tracking, asset tracking in manufacturing, inventory management, RFID field, and inventory management, and cold chain goods management.

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