Production Inventory tracking IoT for best accuracy

Production Inventory management

Production inventory tracking & asset management plays an important part in overall productivity for the manufacturing industry, especially in specialized sectors such as defense, high technology electronic equipment, and specialized repair facilities such as airlines and shipping. Consider the case of a defense truck manufacturer in the automobile sector, who sources specialized tires, chassis, and axles from contract vendors. All these inventories intake need to be synchronized to ensure that the production shop floor is kept busy. Automatic inventory recording systems can further improve accuracy & efficiency using raw material inventory management software with group asset tracking.

Ripples IoT - workplace safety in manufacturing industry

Ripples IoT production  inventory tracking, asset management system

Workplace productivity - automatic inventory tracking system

Optimal inventory management, productivity norms, and vendor ordination certainly help in keeping costs low and production planning throughput at required levels in this highly competitive and demanding new normal. Read about the benefits of deploying smart industry solutions with integration with manufacturing erp software

Tracking inventory tracking management

Deploying a wireless, production inventory tracking and management system can be a good choice for such manufacturing companies. Firstly, the inventory count is automatic using modern BLE mesh solutions. Your regular suppliers need to deploy the centralized solution, which will give complete visibility on the inventory items meant for your production unit. When it is despatched or how long it has been waiting at the quality control zone. All this information on your cloud dashboard will help coordinate with regular suppliers, and shippers to ensure that your production schedules are synchronized according to the arrival of production inventory management data.

Automobile engine assembly line manufacturing inventory management

Apart from the manufacturing inventory management software, take the case of your production line, where the engine assembly is being managed in multiple zones, and one zone (A2) is manned by a group of 10 skilled workers. Deploying our wireless tags on the production line engine in the assembly will allow shop floor managers to centrally monitor the time taken for the engine to move from production to testing zone. The insights generated through the indoor positioning system can help save a few minutes of productive time in each zone and in turn save millions of dollars where 1000’s of such high-value machinery are produced on a daily basis.

Production planning inventory tracking & management tools

Production zones are about on-time delivery, safety, and productivity.  One way of improving productivity is by ensuring a robust tool tracking system using indoor positioning technology which tells the operators the location of critical spares and tools required to finish a machine assembly job, the case of the automobile industry as an example.

Call us to know more about our integrated, wireless indoor inventory management, and production shop floor workflow monitoring solutions. We integrate shop floor inventory data with popular ERP solutions such as SAP etc for seamless information flow.