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Indoor air quality monitoring solutions Singapore, London, Barcelona

Omron Corporation is generally considered a pioneer and global leader in industrial component manufacturing and advanced sensing technologies. They are into numerous industries such as automotive, AI, energy, healthcare, electronics, and manufacturing. For history buffs, OMRON developed the first-ever electronic ticket gate and ATM’s with magnetic card readers.

Indoor Air quality monitoring with dashboard software

Omron air quality sensors with mesh technology, gateway and data visualisation tools.

Ripples IOT has been associated with OMRON for more than a couple of years now. Our wireless mesh enabled environment & air quality monitoring solutions are powered by air quality sensors. Studies have shown that lower air quality can hamper workforce productivity. Ripples air quality monitoring module keep track of Particulate Matter (PM) levels inside a building. The module also keeps a close eye on varying temperature & humidity levels inside critical areas of a building. Live alerts are passed on via thresholds set in a visualization tool.

The Ripples air quality environmental monitoring device has proven to be a gem in easing our health standards accreditation inspection process. – Dr. YLR, Shekar Eye Hospital, Bengaluru, India

Ripples at OMRON Distributor Meet

Omron India team had requested to showcase our solutions at their distributor meet to be held at Mysore (India) on 24th and 25th April 2019. The idea was to familiarize Omron family members with the innovative solutions developed with their sensors. Our team quickly deployed a Air quality monitoring kit for the event and shipped it to the Omron office in Bengaluru. One of the major advantages of using Ripples IOT solutions is that any non-technical person can easily assemble and deploy with the help of simple documentation.

The solutions were showcased at the event and attracted a lot of eyeballs. Many liked the fact that we were providing full-stack solutions including a visualization instance and not just the hardware. There were a lot of positive responses from the distributors.

Some of the photos from the event showcasing mesh network-enabled indoor air quality sensors, data visualization tools.


Air quality sensors being demonstrated at Omron event

IAQ, Air quality sensors with data visualisation tools from Ripples IoT Singapore

Call us to know more about our IAQ / indoor air quality monitoring solutions, gateways, and data visualization tools.

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