Indoor location tracking

Ripples IOT - Indoor object location tracking - factories, hospitals, shipyards, warehouses

Indoor locating tracking  on the factory shop floor

In the new normal, hyper-competitive business environment, workforce productivity plays a vital role in the growth of any commercial entity, more so in industries where shop floor, equipment monitoring becomes a priority area – Introducing measurement matrices to control operations, for timely delivery to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, workplace safety, and compliance aspects. 

New generation digital twin technology offers the right solutions that can help overcome some of the hurdles, that has remained unsolved over the years.

Indoor object location tracking for tools, equipment

Searching for portable equipment, tools can take up a few minutes for each employee, which would accumulate to hundreds of hours of lost time in productivity. An efficient indoor location tracking system would easily ensure improvement in locating tools and equipment that are needed for regular use.

Ripples IOT - Bluetooth Indoor object location tracking - tool and equipment, workflow on shop floor

Indoor Locating people on the shop floor

Indoor workforce location on the shop floor

The safety of the workforce is of prime importance to any organization. Considering this in mind, it is important to monitor physical distancing norms, tracking of key people, monitoring group activities, repair and maintenance, evacuation drills etc. Besides, the mobility of people working in high risk areas such as electrical control rooms, high rise construction sites, ship repair units etc can be monitored on a regular basis using indoor locating systems to alerts accidents and possible fatalities.

Indoor object locating & tracking

Track moving objects based on category, usage grouping, activity groups, related to a production batch, size of objects, floors, multi-location factories & tiered storage areas.

Track and trace of Indoor objects

Physical zones traversed, the time spent, entry and exit of zones, no go zones, zones to be followed as part of a workflow

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IOT in warehouse management

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