MWC Barcelona 2020

IOT, M2M & connected world

The event has been canceled due to Corona virus-related travel advisories

Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC) has been growing in stature as the premium event for IOT & M2M connectivity eco system. Look at the MWC 2019 IOT exhibitors present to get a view of the growth potential of the technology and its global adoption.

Mobile World Congress 2020 Barcelona features amazing learning opportunities from over a dozen of partner-led programmes, GSMA seminars, summits and more. Everything you need to know about the industry, today and beyond, can be found here. With over 107,000 key decision-makers expected to attend, #MWC20 promises to expand your professional network and help you achieve your goals in deploying Industrial IOT solutions for factories, warehouses, logistics, hospitals & shipping.

Ripples IOT @ MWC 2010 Barcelona

We are at the MWC 2020 B2B matchmaking forum to meet potential integration & implementation partners. We are open to technology transfer and adoption in the areas of Wireless OEE, Environment monitoring in manufacturing, supply chain logistics and warehousing Industries.

Reasons for Singapore companies to attend MWC 2020
  • Gain World class Education through dozens of cutting edge conference sessions, partner programmes, seminars, and other opportunities led by today’s top industry influencers.
  • Experience an Outstanding Exhibition representing IOT & M2M products and services from leading, global technology companies.
  • Reach your company objectives through Exceptional Networking forums with over 100k attendees from over 200 countries, including almost 60% senior-level executives.
  • Explore the Hottest innovation with a premium row seat to new products, cutting-edge technology, and revolutionary ideas.
  • Experience the Widest Industry Reach at the one event in Barcelona that brings the international technology community to the same place at the same time.
MWC 2020 Singapore companies

Our IOT solutions team works out of Level 6, Vanguard Campus, 1 Kallang JCT Singapore, offering wireless devices, gateways, data visualisation tools, inventory tracking and asset monitoring solutions for manufacturing, supply chain logistics, healthcare & construction industries.

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