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RTLS mesh network for large deployments

How do I monitor temperature and humidity remotely? RTLS device mesh network forcold chain traceability – Temperature humidity dashboard alerts and notifications software are critical for many industries, and need for constant monitoring with alerts and notifications – be it in manufacturing, indoor farms, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals, etc. Deployment of temperature and humidity tracking solutions in a large area – say around 25,000 square meters is indeed a technology logistics challenge for many reasons. Mesh network cold chain solutions are here.

Cold chain management is the process of maintaining the integrity and quality of temperature-sensitive products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines, throughout the supply chain. Mesh technology is a networking architecture that allows for the creation of self-forming and self-healing wireless networks. When it comes to cold chain management, mesh technology can be a valuable tool for monitoring and controlling the temperature of products in transit.

One way to use mesh technology in cold chain management is to deploy wireless temperature sensors throughout the supply chain. These sensors can be placed in refrigerated trucks, warehouses, and storage facilities to monitor the temperature of products in real-time. The sensors can then transmit the data wirelessly to a central monitoring system, which can alert operators if the temperature falls outside of the desired range.

Mesh technology can also be used to create a more resilient cold chain network. Since mesh networks are self-forming and self-healing, they can automatically reroute data and communication in the event of a node failure or network disruption. This means that even if one or more sensors or communication nodes fail, the network can still function and maintain temperature control throughout the supply chain.

RTLS mesh network Bluetooth Low Energy beacons

Reliability and security are key for trust in large-scale monitoring. Our solutions use BLE mesh beacons, and there is no single point of failure because all the sensors are homogenous and can forward data as required. It is self-healing and reacts to changing physical or radio environments automatically with RTLS wireless temperature sensor

BLE mesh network cold chain traceability solution is robust against electrical interferences. There can be several different wireless systems in the same area. Hence this is the best-suited solution for monitoring temperature & humidity values spanning large deployments – 100 to 10,000 monitoring points in a shared economy model.

Bluetooth mesh network cold chain traceability

Our resilient mesh network temperature and humidity sensor visualization dashboard tools are easy to install, maintain and extend – everything is automatic. The customer just powers the battery-powered devices and it automatically connects and operates as an autonomous part of the network. Ideal for hospital & laboratory monitoring for integrating Bluetooth low energy sensors

Bluetooth Low Energy temperature sensors

The mesh network Bluetooth cold chain traceability solutions guarantee that messages are protected and cannot be modified – the customer owns the data and only they have access to it.

Security is a key requirement in any IOT mesh sensor network. The Bluetooth mesh delivers link-layer security built on industry standards to guarantee message integrity & authenticity, message confidentiality, replay protection, node authenticity, and access control to the network.

WiFi temperature sensor for indoor monitoring

Although WiFi networks are present in many industries, as specified in business inquiries we get, the technical issue is the need for the sensor modules to draw direct power. This means, the need to do wiring, electrical inspection, etc. Besides, a data WiFi network is susceptible to electrical interferences in an industrial environment. This means it is likely to have interruptions in the transmission, affecting both the data usage and monitoring activities.

Long range Temperature and humidity sensors, dashboard solutions

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