Where to find the best Logistics tracking solutions

Warehouse logistics tracking solutionsIOT warehouse logistics tracking solutions

An innovative software of the Internet of Things enabled warehouse logistics tracking solutions. Visualize IoT data for supply chain logistics industries to deliver deep business insights and in turn, provide superior customer service through logistic tracking in warehouse cargo and manufacturing industries. For eg, your customer at the production house or supplier can monitor the arrival, departure timings, and shipment environment while at dispatch and transit. All of these are visible on the logistics customer portal.

  • Consignments and containers can be attached with tracking tags
  • Accumulate operational data using these smart tags
  • Pallet and rack utilization monitoring in warehouses
  • Share relevant information with suppliers, partners
  • Suppliers can track the condition of logistics cargo at the endpoint
  • Enable customers to track the environment of shipment
  • Auto check-in and check-out of trucks and consignments at the warehouse
  • SMS alerts on consignment and truck arrival/departure status
  • Insights into the storage environment of truck operations

Transport logistics tracker

Our ERP for logistics and logistics tracking solutions can be easily configured and deployed for trucks, shipment containers, and consignments. The transmitted or logged data can be monitored with the help of fixed or mobile access points installed on trucks, containers, customer locations, or warehouses.

  • Product-proven tried, tested, and highly configurable to suit most needs
  • Cost-effective when compared to traditional RFID solutions
  • 15+ years of domain knowledge in the supply chain logistics industry
  • Integrating award-winning IOT devices designed in Europe
  • Training and implementation services worldwide
  • Range of affordable smart logistics sensors and access points
  • Data logging platform and logistics tracking sensor integration
  • 24-hour support worldwide using remote connectivity tools
  • IoT data visualization tools with alerts and notifications

Freight logistics tracker

The information generated in real-time will transmit operating parameters based on Inventory tracking tags in factories’ floors and warehouses that can be accessed from a secure cloud environment.

  • Vehicle tilt in case of bad roads or rough rides
  • Logging of the temperature of shipped products
  • The humidity in the operating environment
  • The vibration of trucks and consignments
  • Arrival and departure information at the warehouse
  • Customer escalation on wrong dispatches
  • Theft or abuse of equipment and consignments

Integrating IoT warehouse monitoring in the supply chain logistics industry can help you share excess capacity information within your cluster or keep track of spare parts and expensive inventory at the warehouse.

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