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Remote Industrial elevator monitoring

industrial elevator monitoring & management software solutions are usually built using opensource frameworks to ensure open protocols and extended life of technology., An equipment monitoring software that is deployed on a cloud platform can bring about transformation in the availability of industrial assets critical to your operations, reduce cost by optimizing usage and monitor the health of these assets on a regular basis.

One of the key technical aspects of any remote industrial monitoring is its capability to integrate with fixed asset maintenance, efficiency monitoring, and billing management module of an existing facility – Lift elevator monitoring is best suited for verticals such as healthcare, housing, manufacturing, retail, airports, condominiums, etc.

IOT Industrial elevator monitoring solutions

Implementing a lift monitoring solution can be of great use to help facilities managers and housing societies keep the cost of maintenance low. There have been known cases of surprise bills being issued to apartment owners of condominiums. Some recommendations as follows

  • A ready to deploy solution comprising of analytics software, sensors, gateways
  • Alerts and notifications when the usage of lift exceeds x hours
  • Peak time usage analysis to plan preventive maintenance
  • Understand usage patterns to reduce the consumption of power
  • Know the floors that frequently request lift facilities
  • Analyze the total time spent between floors by the commercial lift
  • Elevator position monitoring & alerts for passenger safety
  • Know the wear and tear of pulleys, rope, and shaft
  • Lift anomaly detection using a cloud software solution.
  • Detect anomalies to prevent total breakdown of elevators & lifts
  • Cloud-enabled software to monitoring the usage, anomaly of the elevator

IOT - Lift elevator monitoring solutions from Ripples IOT pte ltd

Digital twin for industrial lift elevator IOT monitoring

Ideally,  noninvasive sensor real-time data from the lift elevator brings insights on your asset efficiency management practices – To take key decisions on how to utilize the asset more effectively, as we call it asset efficiency; or about selling or upgrading an asset if the failures happening too often or do not make economic sense to retain it.

Utilization and billing are often grey areas in many businesses – breach of trust, clerical errors, theft, abuse, and other instances drain precious revenue that is legitimately owned. Also use the solution for monitoring Temperature & humidity, Elevator air quality module for safety

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