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Healthcare IoT webinar 

During our IoT webinar, we discuss the healthcare industry being a highly competitive, evolving industry, and the key differentiators are delivered through value innovation, where patient experience becomes the sole criterion to maintain a competitive advantage, the benefits of deploying an iot starter kit which will drive initiatives around patient experience management and patient safety.

We look forward to your participation in the hands-on / learning by doing,  immersive workshop on mapping the patient journey, through which we will discover ways of identifying common problems faced by the emergency, surgical, and operations teams in hospitals and clinics in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Following this, we will discuss possible solutions that will help measure surgical workflows, improve patient safety and enhance the patient experience. Providing free online courses in UAE to improve healthcare standards.

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IOT webinar 2023 - Indoor asset location tracking in hospitals to drive patient experience and safety initiatives.

Iot Webinar 2023

We are back with our popular Webinar 2022 series on customer empathy mapping. In this series, we discussed deploying solutions that will ensure safety and productivity at hospitals & clinics.. Recently completed healthcare workshop series & healthcare innovation training.

  1. Patient empathy mapping workshop/ 30 doctors at Medical College Kozhikode (Sept 2022)
  2. The product team of an insulin device manufacturer – IIM Kozhikode (Sept 2022)
  3. Introduction to Indoor positioning systems – TBN Bengaluru

Warehouse monitoring

Workplace safety monitoring

Date – TBA

Time – 11.00 am South Africa Standard Time

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Patient experience management

Healthcare discovery workshop
Date – TBA

Time – 11.00 am South Africa Standard Time

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IOT webinar for industries 

Our occupational health and safety experts and technical architects have been closely studying the industry during this period and have been striving to anticipate the gaps that could be expected to arise in these industries.
Looking at government guidelines and other directives for resuming businesses, we understand that the construction industry will be in need of tailor-made devices and platforms that promise to help organizations adhere to government guidelines prescribed to curb the spread of the pandemic.
We’ve already developed and tested safe distancing and contact tracing modules that are tailor-made for the production shop floor, asset tracking software and workflow environment.

Getting back to operations

  • How to conduct a mandatory inspection for symptom detection among workers before they enter a site
  • Improve worker safety & health with regards to ongoing pandemic
  • Ensuring safe distancing norms at the construction site
  • Reducing virus contraction hazards within the worksite by deploying Indoor Air Quality monitoring kits
  • How to immediately identify & quarantine workers/staff who have come in contact with a Covid-19 colleague
  • Adapting to the new normal by ensuring work completion even with limited human resources
  • Identifying the manpower required per unit of work
  • Elevated concerns in reducing workflow bottlenecks due to limited resources

IOT workshop 2023 UAE

Register for our Industry-specific IOT webinar and IOT workshop series and healthcare workshop on patient safety and experience management, surgical workflow monitoring, workplace safety. inventory optimization, inventory cost reduction, improving employee productivity, increasing shop floor efficiency with the help of IOT platform & sensor data visualization tools for accurate asset tracking in hospitals.

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