IOT in warehouse management

Monitoring warehouses, inventory, workforce

Warehouse management Singapore IOT sensor devices, dashboard solutions


IOT sensors for warehouse monitoring in Singapore. (inventory tags, cold chain, perishables, etc), equipment conditioning (freezers, forklifts, aircons, lift, crane, blowers),  people tracking (visitors, contractors, employees), Warehouse monitoring (racks, bins, trolley & pallets) and cargo (logistics trucks, consignments, trailers, containers) need to have different capabilities based on the requirements.

The warehouse management solutions for Singapore –  IOT sensors are normally of high autonomy – 10-year battery life depending on the frequency of transmission. Noninvasive – easy to deploy and configure, transmit the data on to server environment such as Industrial asset tracking software to manage data visualization rules, sensor devices, access, mobile alerts, etc.

IOT warehouse management Singapore – sensor solutions

They come in different shapes, sizes, and capabilities to monitor different aspects of the environment or the object they are deployed on. Temperature, humidity, pressure, relative humidity, vibration, tilt, 6 axis gyro, carbon dioxide, ambient light, intruder detection, usage cycle, etc

The mesh network is first created depending on the layout and operations control of the warehouse or container yard with the help of warehouse tracking tags. A hotspot similar to wifi is configured by our team after considering aspects such as a line of sight, reach, interference, etc to receive signals from the sensors. The Data visualisation tools would analyse the signals and compile them into meaningful warehouse floor plan for presentation among customers, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, auditors & maintenance teams.

Call us to know more about our IOT warehouse management Singapore, indoor inventory tags sensor solutions for industrial warehouse monitoring in warehouse monitoring, logistics tracking, construction worker tracking, and supply chain visibility. Our solutions are based on Bluetooth mesh technology.

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