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Ripples IOT trends @ IOT Asia Singapore

IOT trends Singapore @ IOT Asia

IOT trends Singapore – Ripples IOT Pte Ltd is pleased to invite you to the premier Industrial Automation event in Asia, namely IOT Asia. A host of reputed vendors are showcasing IOT trends in Singapore, and solutions at the event and we are showcasing some of the ready to deploy solutions for workflow management.

IOT trends in Singapore – Indoor inventory location tracking solutions

Hospital workflow tracking in Singapore

Using Indoor positioning systems to enhance patient safety and experience. It is important for hospitals in Singapore to measure the patient waiting times in surgical and emergency medicine departments. Using hospital workflow tracking solutions, surgeons will be able to measure the time spent by patients in each of the surgical processes.

BLE (Bluetooth beacons) – Long-range BLE sensors for asset tracking and condition monitoring. Providing up to 50,000 sq meters range and 5 years of battery life. Water and dustproof, ready-to-deploy, lightweight devices. Saves on maintenance, and deployment costs.

IOT trends & Indoor positioning at IOT Asia 

Mesh technology solutions for industrial condition monitoring. Wireless sensors for vibration, temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air Quality, and Ambient light. Read more about our tracking & monitoring solution product range. 

IOT trends, device integration at IOT Asia

Ripples IOT Pte Ltd provides integration of Dell Edge gateway with a host of wireless technologies such as Blue tooth Low Energy (BLE), Cellular IOT, LoRa, etc. A flexible data visualization tool has been built on open source technologies for the shop floor managers to take immediate action based on data alerts and notifications for Indoor asset tracking, Omron Indoor Air quality, and construction industry safety using Massive IOT deployment technology.

IOT platform solutions at IOT Asia Singapore

Our team brings nearly 5 years of expertise in building a proof of concept in automation, IOT prototyping, and custom IOT software. We have executed over 100 projects to date for clients globally. Read about our partnership business opportunities.

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