New RTLS Solutions (Real Time Location System) with limited cabling

According to the studies conducted by IDC research, the revenue generated by improved operations aided by the production floor monitoring system could touch close to $470 billion per annum by 2025. Digital twin in smart manufacturing is the way forward.  Real time location systems (RTLS) provide the accuracy zones without the shop floor to identify movement of people, fixed assets, production inventory,

Real time location systems (RTLS) in production shop floor tracking, factory shop floor monitoring system - Ripples IOT Digital twin in smart manufacturing

Real time location system (RTLS)

Manufacturers always try to scout for innovative technologies to improve their production efficiency thereby allowing them to meet the ever so increasing challenges of customer expectations and supply chain demands. Industrial leaders always try to put their foot ahead of their competitors and they always attempt to unravel new ways of improving production floor meaning and supply chain operations.

Production shop floor inventory

The traceability of inventory plays a big part in optimizing and planning your production process. If each department has accurate information on the inventory levels and also the forecast info to anticipate shortages, manufacturing schedules can be well-charted accordingly. The inventory information from each department can be passed on in real-time to our data visualization tool. The accurate information impact can easily lead to new sales and higher profits.

Factory floor monitoring

Proper utilization of your machines can allow you to meet your production deadlines easily. It is extremely important to track production time in each shop floor zones. The admin has to get an account of where the delay is happening and by how much. These delays in the process can allow other production departments to manage their schedules in a better way. Comparisons of time spend in each zone over the week or month can also be done with the help of our sensor data visualization tools.

Production safety tracking

By getting accurate information on the indoor location of each unit, there is greater inventory visibility. Our inventory tracking tags can account for any inconsistency in the stock levels and alerts in real-time. Each production floor has to keep its inventories in the account as any shortages can lead to production downtime or delay. With an accurate inventory management system, it is easy to trace the point where the inventory went missing or got stolen.

Production shop floor management enhances visibility

The Digital revolution has made all of our lives easier in many ways and manufacturers are no exception. According to studies, more than 60% of the industries are already implementing some kind of digital transformation programs like enterprise asset management systems or smart factories as pilot programs go configure production floor execution and production floor communication.

The advent of Industrial IOT in shop floor management solutions

IOT enabled production shop floor in manufacturing monitoring is one such digital transformation initiative that helps manufacturers decrease their Go-To-Market time span and increase their product quality and revenue output. This innovative manufacturing tracking system will increase production efficiency by many folds. Ripples IOT can help in the production shop floor management

Ripples IOT provides innovative and easy deploy production factory management solutions that can be integrated into a mesh networking system. This production shop floor monitoring system will provide an accurate indoor positioning system to monitor people and equipment flows at factories thereby giving valuable insights to help increase productivity.

Let us see how Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) can help in increasing efficiencies in factory management

Apart from these four major features, there are plenty of other areas where an accurate production monitoring system can help manufacturing companies. IOT based predictive maintenance solutions can proactively forecast the impending maintenance issues in production equipment thereby saving a lot of time in the process. The supervisors can align the maintenance of production equipment in a better way. In many industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, accurate inventory visibility can help decrease non-compliance errors, completely eradicate litigation costs, and meet regulatory filing dates. Such a process also ensures that your company’s reputation is well intact and keeps your customers happy and satisfied. 

It is safe to say that the manufacturing business is completely digitally driven. The data coming from digital twins in manufacturing are an important asset as their physical equipment or machines. The  production shop floor monitoring systems can provide actionable intelligence which can eradicate production delays, and job overruns, reduce defective output, enhance equipment life and moreover meet your customer’s needs and demands

Digital twin & factory floor monitoring

Our forklift tracking solution is ideal for a production environment where the completeness of bins inside trolleys needs to be monitored from procurement to production shop floor monitoring stages. 

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